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better2boutsideJanuary 21, 2006

We are in the middle of an ongoing battle with the school district to provide an education for our son. Because of his issues (ADHD & oppositional diffiance disorder+) he cannot/will not function in main stream classes. He "chooses" whether or not to participate/do homework & attend classes (he is currently in 9th grade). The school constantly puts us off to "try a different behavior modification program". We are in the process of hiring a "child advocate" (essentially and attorney to fight with the school for us) She says that because we already have an IEP evaluation that we need to call for a District CSE meeting. The outside councelors want to push for a 30 day evaluation (this would include mental heath and eduational evaluation) idealy this would put us in a place to get him into a "special program?" or school that would be able to deal with him. There are many other challanges going on also. If we could afford private school, we would do that, but it is just not in the cards.

Has anyone been down this road? Do you have any direction or advise on how to get things done?

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The CHADD site might be of help. My son is ADHD but has been able to remain in school without many issues as long as he is on his medication. This year he is going without medication for the first time and seems to be doing well.

I used to post to this iVillage message board. The moms and occasional dad there were very helpful about school issues and really know the ropes. Good luck.

Here is a link that might be useful: ivillage ADHD board

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