ionized_gwFebruary 22, 2012

Can anyone comment on the use and quality of rust reformer coatings? I have an iron porch railing that is much decayed where the posts enter into the concrete landing and steps (posts 75-100% gone). I would like to get a few more years out of the whole thing before needing to replace. I need to spread out my larger home renovation and repair costs for tax reasons.

I is so difficult to get rid of 100% of the rust without renting a sand blaster. I'd like to wire brush it off and coat with something that will not just bubble up right away.

I am looking at Loctite Extend rust treatment. They would like to see a coat of "high build epoxies", coal tar epoxies, catalyzed urethanes, vinyls, chlorinated rubber" before coating with latex. Do you chemists out there see any problem with this? How about suggestions for the barrier coating?

Thanks for reading.

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A person good at welding small repair pieces MAY be able to strengthen it by tacking-on small repair strips.
Call Body-Shops, etc.


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Thanks, Faron. eventually I will look at repairing or replacing it. We may make major changes to that porch/entry at some point after I get lots of other stuff settled down. It is strong enough even with most of the supports eroded. In fact, a welder has moved in across the street and one house down. I am sure he will be able to fix me up if and when I decide to do a major repair in the existing rail.

Right now, if anyone could address the barrier coat issue, I would be grateful. I have not tried a local paint store yet. The Locktite product looks like a good one. There is obviously a redox reaction between it and any existing iron oxide. There is probably some reserve reducing agent in the coating to prevent more rust as time goes on.

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