To Faux Or Not To Faux?

ncchateauFebruary 1, 2012

Is Faux painting still a good idea to do. I know it has been popular for quite some time. I don't want to date our house if we use this technique but I love it.

Our home is a french chateau style. I am thinking of doing this in our dining room for starters.

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I'd go slowly....maybe a wall or two first!!

It varies SO much by region/city, as to what's popular...OR NOT...!
At the store where I work (Paint, Hdwr., & Decorating), it's RARE that anyone asks about it anymore! Sponge painting and similar techniques just DIED here 3-4 yrs. ago...
* Ralph Laurens' Suede paint is still popular though.
* The popular "faux" looks now are mainly by Modern-Masters, and similar companies.
* They have cool Metallics, and Reactive finishes...rust-activating spritzes, Copper-patinas, Iron paint (for rusting), etc.
* These can be VERY dramatic looking!
* I can't remember the last time anybody asked us about Venetian-Plaster!?!?!?
* Some new iridescent plasters look pretty cool and subtle too! The price ISN'T cheap though for good stuff...some ~ $100/gal. retail.

Overall, moderation is KEY for faux!!!


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It won't look "dated" if it's in a style of house where you expect it, and it blends with the style of furniture and flooring.

Blatant "I'm FAUX!" effects date more quickly than subtle shading.

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