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6kateFebruary 20, 2013

I have a small kitchen, U-shaped with the longer sides being 96" and the short side being 89". Entry will be opposite the 89" side. The center of the sink drain pipe is 37" from the far wall and on the right side of the kitchen. I am planning to change the dishwasher to an 18" and the fridge to 24" so that I can line them up on the right side of the kitchen in line with the sink. The range will be somewhere on the left side of the kitchen. Priorities are a feeling of openness and light. I would like a breakfast counter on the entry of the left side.

The pictures do not show the entry as it will be. The current entry is on the left wall, which will be closed in order to make the other side of it into a guest area. The wall which will have an entry on it opens into the living room. It may be possible to extend the kitchen a few inches into the living room or into the guest area.

Also planning to do the floor and better lighting. Budget is as low as possible.

Any thoughts would be hugely appreciated. Thank you very much.

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Please post a layout, with dimensions, showing the new kitchen and where it is located relative to other rooms.

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