To parents of other heavy gamers...

saraberaJanuary 26, 2013

Please do not attempt to moderate or restrict your son's access to on-line gaming until you have educated yourself about gaming addiction and have prepared, put a plan in place!

We are in the process of trying to wean our 15 year-old off of gaming. He is down to 2 hours a day. Things are getting a bit better, but he is still obviously very addicted. All he thinks about is when can he get back on. Every day is a battle and he is mad a lot of the time. We can't get him to go anywhere with us (not even family get-togethers) unless he will have access to electronics the entire time. He says we can solve that by getting him a laptop or smart phone, Uhh, we're not going down that road.

Two of the resources that have been really helpful for us are 1) A book by Dr. Hilary Cash called "Video Games and Your Kids". She was one of the first to recognize gaming addiction and also has an in-patient treatment center in Washington state. 2) The OLGA website (on-line gaming addiction). Here you can read stories from ex-gamers and other parents and spouses. Very enlightening. If you are concerned about your child's obsessive behavior please check them out. I have dark concerns about the gaming addiction that keep me up at night.

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Thanks for that info and I wish you well with your son.

My son is 20 and he is outside my control now, but I know he does spend a fair bit of time gaming. At the moment he is overseas on a 2month holiday, so he certainly won't be gaming now. For me, I think he is sensible enough now, to know how he can waste time sitting in front of a game.

I see so many people when I am out and about, on trains, buses, standing at the station - and almost everyone is glued to an electronic devise. I am not sure if this is a bad thing, it is just an observation.

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>>he certainly won't be gaming nowAre you sure, popi? Online games can be accessed from anywhere in the world that has internet access.

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Thank you for posting this! I am going to find those resources immediately!

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Two hours? My son sometimes spends 12-14 hours playin computer games...I think we should install PCWebControl or any other parental control software to stop them...

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Most people don't use features of the home router that can manage all of this. Set schedules, block sites, ban entirely a device from connecting at all. Take control of your home network, regain control of your kids...

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