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dhustonFebruary 11, 2012

Hope someone on here can answer this question for me. Drywall guys just finished and I am not sure if the work is up to a Level 5 finish which is what I am paying for. You can still see where the tape was but it does look like everything got skim coated. It just looks like it isnt very even across all surfaces. Just wondering if this is how it is supposed to be or not. Worried that the paint will flash, or will the primer even everything out? Here are some pics to help out. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated. I hate telling someone I dont think they did it right unless I have a good reason too!

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You should be fine. The purpose of the skimcoat is to "size" the paper surface of the drywall so that you have a consistent "mudded" surface over the entire area. Primer with two top coats finish is typical for a decent paint coating(s). You want to make sure all seaming is level to the touch which is the most importanr step before skimcoating. A level 4 is basically a nice flat seaming of all mud joints without the skimcoating. The skimcoating simply ties it all in . On a level 4 if care is not used when primering/painting, you end up seeing seams because the paper area of the drywall in the feild is a different surface than the mudded surfaces and and that difference can show theough.

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Yeah...this work seems OK.
All dust possible must be removed as well.

Hopefully a good primer will be used!!!
PVA-class primers are OK at best.

What final paint-sheen and/or texture (if any!) will be used?
If you care to....ask what primer they'll be using.
It's probably already factored into their bid though.
On Level-5 work however, I'd pay extra to have Zinsser's 123 primer used!!!


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Any primers to avoid? I think they are using BM super hide.

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Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting

anything that says PVA is no good BM super hide would be good

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Any thoughts on roller nap for painting level 5? Hired painters to spray primer and finish the ceiling but I am going to paint the rooms since we have a different color in every room, or so it seems. Dont want to end up with texture from the paint. Was thinking 3/16 or 1/4. MOst paint will probably me eggshell or satin. Might use some BM pearl as well. Any thoughts on BM pearl finish?

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3/8" nap is most common for washable finishes, though I generally use a 1/2". You don't want any texture from the roller? Why not? It's pretty common to have some stipple, even for smooth finishes.

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Would like as little texture as possible because thats what my wife wants!! Strictly a self preservation instinct!

Would going to 1/4 be a big difference? 1/4 will be take more time since the roller load is smaller?

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Yes, going to a shorter nap will take longer since the cover simply cannot hold as much paint, but the finish will indeed be smoother assuming it is a high quality cover and you do not overwork the paint. Put it on and leave it alone - lots of tips around here on how to do that. As for your finish choice, obviously with level 5 walls, any sheen should look great but unless you like the shine and/or need the extra durability, eggshell should do the trick.

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One more question! I have read that the primer should be sanded before the finish coats are applied. Is that still recommended for a level 5 finish?

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If the walls are smooth after applying the primer coat, then there is no need to sand. If they are rough, then sand them. Also, if more than a few weeks go by before you are able to apply finish coats, then it is also a good idea to sand.

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Just a note for an excellent OP and fabulous answers. I have similar questions in 2014, only I'm the one skim coating the walls. I wanted to know when to stop fussing over it, and what primer to use to help me get a nice smooth look. Now I know.

I have drywall that was put up in 1963-4 then covered with builder grade wallpaper (same texture AND background color as the drywall paper) covered in 1985-6 foil wallpaper. It was horribly difficult to remove (scorer + DIF + a steamer + a putty knife + a shaving tool + patience + over a year of stopping and starting), and I had easily a thousand divots in the walls (and ceiling, ugh) of my tiny powder room.

I probably could have stopped sanding, cleaning, touching the walls, adding a little more mud, sanding, cleaning, touching the walls, adding a little more mud a few days ago!

Now I'm off to buy Zinnser's 1-2-3 primer. Your well-asked and generously answered question is a gift that keeps on giving. Thanks for your help.

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Brushworks Spectacular Finishes

A level 5 finish can only be accomplished by a combination of paint (is it self leveling?) and roller cover.

Good luck.

For assured level 5 satisfaction, I recommend hiring a level 5 painting crew.

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