contractor left roller fuzz

peonyfanFebruary 22, 2012

I had some moldings replaced and noticed that roller fuzz is left behind. The scope of work was for one coat of paint. The workers were still finishing and I couldn't use the kitchen, so we left for dinner, but I mentioned the fuzz before I left when the worker asked me to take a look and make sure everything looked ok. Does this stuff sand off? and/or is this just to be expected or should I say something to the owner? Thanks.

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It sands off, but sometimes it takes a bit of work. It's not really to be expected either, usually comes from using cheap roller covers.

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If a painter is leaving FUZZ...they don't know what the H*ll they're doing!

Any decent painter should know to use covers that are good enough NOT to fuzz!! I'm always shocked how scared people (AND some painters....) are of paying a couple extra bucks for a good roller that will save them time, AND make their work look better!!!


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Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting

Should'nt have been using a "roller" in the first place

One coat of paint?? No primer???

Who are you if not the owner?????

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That's all true, but sometimes even good roller covers can shed. They go through good and bad phases, just like paint. Wooster is notorious for this and it's why I always save old roller covers that I'm sure won't shed when the new ones I buy start to screw me.

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Good news--the company (that's what I meant when I said owner) called to say that he'd be back to finish up before I had a chance to contact them. I just think it's odd, like some of you said, to not spend a couple extra bucks to avoid the fuzz problem in the first place. Yes, it was primed, I didn't think to mention that. He'd done drywall for me and didn't notice any fuzz but I guess it's more apparent w/semigloss than flat primer on drywall. Thanks all.

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