Need ideas for high school graduation party/gift ideas

Kathy547January 31, 2009

My son, son's girlfriend, & my nephew will all graduate from high school this May. My son's & nephew's graduations are the same day so our family will have to choose which one to go to since they are about an hour distance from each other. I thought about having a party for all 3 just so everyone can congratulate them, say hi, whatever. When I graduated my parents had a small party for me but I don't remember that much about it. I know there was a cake & sandwich-type stuff & everyone visited. I left with my boyfriend so I don't know what happened after that.

Long story, but my son's girlfriend lives with us. He has the apartment behind us & she stays in the house with us. She wasn't getting along with her father & step-mother because they didn't like my son & were fighting all the time. We found out the father kicked her out of the house & made her get out of his yard, after he'd left bruises on her. She turned 18 but was still a senior in high school (like my son) so we let her move in after much thought & setting some ground rules. We have since learned she's bipolar & can get violent so we now wonder if the father really did give her the bruises. Anyway, since she lives with us the party would be for her too.

I am wondering if anyone has any ideas of what activities - if any - I should plan? Also, what are some graduation gift ideas I could get them? The girlfriend plans to go to college but the 2 boys haven't decided.

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My DS16 will graduate next year. At this time I think we will do an open house style. I don't really want it to be a long and drawn out thing though. I think that the graduation parties are largely for the family members. Not so much for the graduate.

I have not thought about activities. Honestly nothing comes to mind.

I think it is a great idea to combine parties since so many of the same people would want to attend both.

Gifts.....I think cameras are always a good idea. If your child is going off to college and does not have a laptop and you can afford one I think that is a great idea. Maybe gift cert. or cards for the campus book store, coffee or sandwich shops on campus.

It has been such a struggle with my son during his schools years that I want to celebrate for my own self!

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Tradition up here is just open house..1-3 or 4 type for hours. Sloppy joes, chips, pop, cake. We did Taco's for one child, hamburgers/picnik for another, and the third wanted sandwiches/deli.

gifts depended on the kid. Oldest got a stero, I cn't remember what we got our son, and the youngest got a laptop for college. Gifts can be extreme (car), to conservative..depends on what you can afford.

Good luck.


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I remember going to a cousins graduation party and thinking it was just awesome. My aunt and uncle rented one of those inflatables that was an obsticle course that two people could race through at a time. It was an absolute blast!! Other than that I have really never seen many activities at a graduation party.

Is it possible to have the party on a seperate day than the ceremony? That way everyone can come to the party?

I remember my ceremony being small and we only got a few tickets per family so only my immediate family went to the ceremony anyways.

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I think a weekend BBQ would be good the next day or that night. I would not plan any activities, but just let the kids and families visit and be happy at this milestone. A computer for college is a real necessity, so that might be a gift idea. My sister and I got together and gave my DD blue topaz earrings and a simple drop on a chain. That way she had a matching set. I usually buy something for the next stage--college, new apartment, etc.

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I gave both of my kids a grad party when they graduated from HS. Both were essentially the same. Sunday afternoon around 2 pm. Lots (LOTS) of munchies - chips, dips, veggies, cookies, brownies, cheese, that sort of thing. No activities were planned. I invited my close friends, and they invited their friends. I served wine for the adults, cokes for the kids. Everyone sat around munching & schmoozing and a good time was had by all. Simple.

For gifts, I recommend things that have to do with the college they will be going to (for those who are going). T-shirt, sweat shirt, rug for dorm room, blanket, etc, with college logo. If they are going away to another city, books with information on that city. Mostly my kids got checks for gifts, but a few people gave them what I just named above and they liked those gifts a lot.

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There are so many possible gifts you can give to high school graduates. Items and clothes with the college logo on them are classics, you can't go wrong with them. Then just add some little things like chocloate gifts or things they could need at college like a nice note pad or a pen. I think the most important thing is that the gift comes from the heart, it doesn't have to be expensive.

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