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Kara_PAJanuary 15, 2002

Esp. for all you SAHM and self employed --

DH is self-employed, and my job provides our insurance. Unforuntely, it will probably be eliminated in another year and a half. We've talked about me working just part-time to be at home with DS more, and I think we could scrape by, if it wasn't for the insurance issue.

Do any of you buy your own? How much is it? Are there better/worse programs?


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Do you live where there is a Starbucks? They have GREAT part-time benefits.

Does DH qualify for joining a professional organization (plumbers, etc.)? Sometimes they have group plans.

Sorry I can't help w/ info on buying your own plans.

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Try for individual pricing, also check your Chamber of Commerce, and credit union. Also, check with your accountant- your DH can set money aside, tax free, to pay for medical expenses. This works well in combination with an individual/family policy with a high deductible- say that you cover the first $3,000 (if needed), then your insurance picks up the amount after that. If you have a major medical problem, it's covered. If you don't use the full amount set aside in your medical fund by the end of the year, you can use that $ to buy medical items that are not an emergency, like contacts, glasses, etc.

Hmmm- hope this makes sense! Lynn

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Have you heard of CHIPS? They advertise it all the time on TV. Try your local assistance office for the number. CHIPS is there for working familes in PA who don't have insurance through work or can't afford the insurance. They're are two differnt programs that you can qualify for based on income. One will give you free insurance and another offers a co-pay. If you don't qualify for that, there is Access. There are programs here that will help and you should find one to work for you and your family. Access is Medicaid but PA offers it as an option for people with no insurance, not just for people on Welfare. We've had to have some type of help since DS was born because his father never had a job with insurance until now. Good luck!


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Thanks! Talley-Sue, I saw the info. on Starbucks on the other forum! Too bad there's none around. I'll definately bookmark the website, and talk to our accountant when we get our taxes done -- thanks, Lynn!

Leslie, I've seen the commercials, and I actually had a small group do a project with CHIP and several presentations for a class, so I'm familiar with it. We wouldn't qualify now, but we might if I was only working part-time.

Thanks so much!

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Also call your local Chamber of Commerce. For a small fee, DH could join and Chamber plans are usually low cost and provide GREAT benefit. I work in the insurnace field, and I can tell you with exception that any group plan he could get would be SO MUCH LESS than an individual plan. Also, could he join a professional association that offers group benefits to their members? Association & Chamber plans are fully paid by the members, so they are like individual plans, but the rates are SOOO much lower than individual plans.

Good luck!

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I am insured through a Blue Cross/Blue Shield individual PPO. They also have an HMO and an indemnity plan. They are only slighty more expensive than the HMO I had with my previous employer, but the coverage is more complete and there's a larger selection of doctors, and I don't need a referral to see a specialist.

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