Scarlet Fever

StephanieDJanuary 28, 2002

I am so mad I have to vent (& I hope to get some advice of course). On Sat my 6 y/o daughter began throwing up and had a fever. I thought she had a stomach virus so I treated her with Pedialite and lite food & tylenol. When she woke up on Sunday she felt much better but a rash all over her and a very slight fever. I called the Dr office & the Dr on call called me back. I told him everything hoping to bring her in, but he told me that a stomach virus was going around and rashes w/colds, etc. is very common. Just be thankful she wasn't throwing up anymore and was acting fine. Well this a.m. she still had her rash so my husband took her in to the Drs office anyway. He saw a different dr. not the one who was on call on the weekend. This dr. said we waited too long to bring her in and now the virus was in her bloodstream and made my husband feel extremely guilty about waiting until today. I am very worried about my daughter now and upset that they didn't see her on Sunday. Any advice will be appreciated in caring for her with Scarlet Fever and if I should complain to the Drs. Office.

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Scarlet fever sounds scary because in the past people sometimes developed serious consequences with the disease (remember Beth from "Little Women"?) But nowadays, it's treated with antibiotics and presents few complications. It's the same thing as strep throat, only with the rash. As long as your DD takes all the antibiotics she should feel better within 12-24 hours, although the rash may start peeling and get a little itchy within a few days.


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Isn't scarlet fever bacterial? I thought is was caused by the same bacteria that causes strep throat. Are you sure he said the VIRUS was in her bloodstream? If so, does she have a virus AS WELL as scarlet fever?

My son had scarlet fever last year. Once he was on the antibiotics he felt better almost immediately. He was not throwing up while he had it although sometimes that is caused by the onset of fever, not necessarily the infection.
The infection didn't last long.

I hope your daughter feels better soon.


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My understanding is that untreated strep leads to scarlet fever. Is that right?
I know it leads to something, which is why I always make them do a strep swab when fevers are involved.

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Thanks for the responses. I appreciate it. I looked it up on the internet and it sounds like once she's on antibiotics she will begin better quickly.

Mammabear: He didn't necessarily say the word virus, he said now that we waited so long to treat her, it is now in her bloodstream and thats why she has scarlet fever. I think he was angry because my husband pushed them to see her this a.m., not knowing I had called the on call Dr. yesterday.

Scarlet fever sounded so scary to me at first because I know people used to die from it in the past. But now everyone's telling me it's not a big deal today so I am feeling better about it.

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Don't beat yourself up over this. You can't (and shouldn't) take a child to the doctor every time they have a fever or throw up. Anyway, I had the same reaction at the doctor's office when my son had scarlet fever. I said OMG is my baby going to be ok? The doctor laughed and said the same as Pam. That it is serious if left untreated, but easily dealt with when antibiotics are given. He would be fine (and he is).


Scarlet fever is a strep infection the same as strep throat. Any strep infection left untreated can become rheumatic fever.


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Thanks again, Mommabear. I appreciate the pep talk! I can't wait to get out of work and go home and hold my daughter and take care of her - my husband works nites so he's taking care of her today, but I always feel like I do a better job :) -- though he wouldn't agree with that!

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Mommabera: My daughters rash is definetly improving and she's acting and eating fine so I think she is on her way. However, last night after running around quite a bit, she did have low temp of 99.1, can that just be from running around too much? She has no fever whatsoever today, but do you think I should call the Dr anyway?

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I wouldn't if she is feeling fine. Most people's body temp is not exactly constant and usually increases in the late afternoon.


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Well - she's pretty much all better now! Thanks for all the support!

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This response is very late!But maybe for future posters it may help.I had scarlet fever when I was sr. in HS.It seemed to hit out of no where.All I rememebr is I was sitting in class and I started to shiver uncontrollably.I remember I felt really bad.Called parents and left school.At some point I broke out with a rash all over but I don't remember at what point.Went to doc and was put on antibiotics.I do remember a really bad sore throat.I stayed in my parents bed during the day and would lay around on the couch at night if I got bored in bed.I couldn't eat anything except the liquid or soup drained off whatever my mom cooked.The heat seemed to help my throat.As I felt better I could mess around some but if I over did it I knew real quick.I had no endurance or strength.That much I remember very well because I never sat still and I didn't have the strength to do anything for awhile afterward.Hope this helps!

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