Appliance conundrum

cathy725February 17, 2013

As my kitchen renovation draws nearer, I'm trying to figure out appliances. I have a black french door fridge which I love and will keep. This starts the issue with color.

I will put in a SS chimney hood, which I thought would look fine with my black appliances. Currently I also have a black electric stove. We are looking at bringing gas to the house, and if we do, we can change the stove (I was thinking a SS/black combo to try and blend).

The main problem now is the dishwasher. If we keep the fridge (black) and the range (black) it seems obvious to get a black DW. The problem is I'd really like one of the Bosch 800 plus dishwashers. it seems if you want an 800 or 800 plus Bosch you can have any color as long as it is stainless steel.

So do I get a lower model Bosch (500 has black) to keep the color theme or throw matching out the window and get the 800 plus in SS. Arghhh--I really don't love SS which is why I purchased my black fridge a couple of years ago.


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Panel ready dishwasher to match your cabinets.

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Sophie Wheeler

How old is the fridge? 7-10 years is about the average lifespan for new fridges. If yours is a couple of years old, plan for what you want rather than trying to work with what exists. In fact, do that anyway. You can always sell a black refrigerator on Craigslist and put in stainless.

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Meek: I have thought about panel ready, but of course that's more money. It will probably be my best bet, though. I wonder how long a panel would take to order, since the cabinets have already been ordered and received (renovation should start in about 2 weeks).

Holly--the problem is I don't want to replace the fridge with a stainless steel fridge--I don't like SS that much. I'd rather keep the fridge.

Keep the ideas coming--I appreciate them!

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Consider Bosch models that come in black. If they have tne features and quality level you want then get it in black. If not panel as meek95 suggested. Or just get the SS if you like it. I do not believe that every appliances has to be the same finish. Black and stainless look good together. Can you do photoshop a photos to see how the different options would look?

Don't get a SS refridgerator unless that is what you really want. I have all black appliances with a SS chimney hood.

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Style is at least as important as colour when combining appliances - especially if they are in close proximity. Look at the handles and the edges of the appliances - are they rounded or more sharply rectilinear? My parents recently replaced some appliances - all white - and it is immediately noticeable that they are different brands because the handles and style are not consistent.

I think you could combine the stainless dishwasher with black fridge, especially if the range has some stainless trim... but only if the styles are similar.

You mention that you are considering changing to gas. If performance is the reason for the change, you might want to investigate the new electric stoves first. The current generation seems to be a vast improvement over the older ones. I recently bought a new electric glass cooktop (Jenn-air) and I love it. It is not induction - just regular electric, but even so the burners respond quickly and the temperature is very controlable from high which boils water in no time down to melt which is just barely warm.

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