Post nasal drip and cough

sassiesisJanuary 25, 2009

I am mom of 4 children. Two of which are 22 month old twin girls. It all started about 6 weeks ago when my 8 year old brought home a cold. Everyone is the house got it including the girls. It went away in one of them but the other one got an ear infection. The ear infection is now clear but she has a post nasal drip and cough at night. The doctor said that her lungs and chest are clear and the drip & cough should clear up on its own. However, I am concerned about the length of time she has had it, it has been about 4 weeks. We have been using a vaporizer and aspirating her which has helped. She eats, plays, and acts fine. The only problem is the drip and cough at night. Should I be concerned that there could be something else wrong with her? I never had this with my other children and I am worried because it has been 4 weeks.

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Are you giving her any cough medicine? Sometimes a cough is self-perpetuating - coughing causes irritation, which causes more coughing. Stopping the cough and giving the area a chance to heal may stop the coughing.

Good luck.

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I recommend the mucinex products. They have worked well with our persistent night cough episodes. Our doctor cleared us of any other issues (like sinus infections or strep) and recommended the mucinex line.

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you have to be very careful what you give a child. I would consult the doctor if it were my child. You could probably call and tell the doc's nurse.

Someone told me to be careful of Mucinex.

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A couple stupid little things might help: new toothbrushes. Always get new toothbrushes after a sickness. Sterialize the humidifier. Run the toys the kids play with through the dishwasher. It's not impossible to have them be reinfected by weaker versions of their own germs.

Also, there does seem to be something that is going around in this part of the country that's really hard to kick.

And kids are different; and older child just might be immune to more and the another child more susceptible. No telling why. Everyone's body and immune system is different--and with twins they might be passing it back and forth between each other.

If your doctor's not worried and they seem to be thriving otherwise, I wouldn't worry too much. My personal preference is not to give much medication to small kids. The body does have ways of ridding itself of germs as inconvenient as it may be. But if your doctor says OTC is good, go with that.

You just have to feel your way through this stuff. Good luck!

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Also have individual tubes of toothpaste.

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Have you tried getting your child to breathe the steam from a bowl of hot water with an additive such as Vicks or Friar's Balsam? You get the person to lean their face over the bowl and drape a towel over the head and shoulders to retain the steam in a sort of tent. We found this very effective to break up whatever was left in the sinuses and stop the post nasal drip.

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Medication can rebound on you if you take to much of it. My husband and his Sis both had headaches and took way to many aspirins after his sis had a near death episode with anemia my husband quit aspirins and his headaches went away. I suggested he quit the hay fever pills and his post nasal drip went away.

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stargazer, my doctor recommended mucinex over the other OTC products. As I stated, we did go to the doctor first to rule out other conditions. Medicines, with doctor's guidance, are probably a good idea after having something hanging on for 4 weeks, once other causes are ruled out.

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