interior painting cost?

greenbuilderFebruary 19, 2007

For new construction, how much should someone expect to pay for interior painting of walls and interior/exterior doors for a 2800 sq ft house in San Jose? It would include fine sanding by hand of all moldings (window, door, crown, baseboard).

Does $12,000 seem fair for a crew for up to 3 weeks? How do you tell the difference betwee a good and fair paint job?

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Thats a tad on the high side, hope they are using a high end product like Pittsburgh Manor Hall TIMELESS $65.00 a gal. for a $12,000 paint job. Make sure they dont use anything under $30.00 contractors price,

Muralo ultra semigloss excellent for all trim and doors,(best looking semigloss) most painters only know how to paint with latex and are intimidaded with more advanced products.

Maybe purchase the high end product yourself and negotiate the labor price, remember its just like painting a cars finish, your not going to have the bodyshop use a 4 yr coating, your gonna want a coating to last 10 yrs or more, its the same thing with house paints..
Good luck

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Brushworks Spectacular Finishes

I can't tell you if that's a fair price or not because I can't see the job. It may be too cheap!

The important steps in new construction are many. Mainly, removing dust from the surfaces; high quality primers; hiqh quality enamels (as fine says); I also endorse the Muralo Ultra enamels. They finish like porcelain on wood trim and doors.
Benjamin Moore Satin Impervo Waterborne is also a nice product.

For walls, a 100% Acrylic Enamel, or Ultra Ceramic is best in your preferred sheen.

If you haven't viewed their work or talked to their references, do that before they begin the job.

Whatever you do, do not allow the painter to talk you out of the highest quality paint you can afford.


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I also can't really tell....but if that's for labor alone, that works out to about $14 an hour, which seems low for San Jose; one of the absolute most expensive areas of the country for building. For a professional, I would expect a higher per hour labor cost. If it includes material, it seems cheap to me. I don't work the SJ area, but spent quite a bit of time there last year investigating housing/real estate for investments. It sounds real low to me because of that.

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Michael has SUCH an important point...

If the crew/supervisor ever say...
"I don't wanna use XX brand of paint...", or
"I just get all my colors matched into XX...", or
"We normally use flat here...",
...this should raise RED flags! Explain or WRITE IT INTO THE CONTRACT your choices of Paint-brand/quality-level, sheen, primers, location of "color-x", etc., etc.

>>> Make DA*N sure that those actual cans are being used!!
Reason I say this:
* Couple years ago...I was helping a painter find color-chips for Ralph-Lauren paints going into a large MN lake-home. He had a sheet of paper with all the RL color titles/sheens to be used (homeowner's list).
* Some were burgundies going on big walls, etc. He was asking me about how to use the reds, i.e..."Do I need a different primer..."?
* I thought we were gonna be busy mixing a lot of paint that day! HOWEVER...My paint mgr. saw the guy leaving and asked me how much time I spent with him. "About 10 min." I say...
* "I wouldn't have spent 10 seconds with him!" he said. "He just comes and gets a clients chips and has them matched into a low-level paint at SW or BM that they get a big discount on".
* Guess can bet he's billing at the $35/gal. RL-rate, and maybe paying $20/gal for the contractor-grade at the other place.
* Hmmmm....customer's spec-sheet said RL-paints. Did they get actual RL paint??? NO. Then, if something doesn't perform right (color slightly off, wrong tint, sheen-difference...), the PAINT gets the blame!!!

Sorry about my "novella" here, but I'm just tryin' to alert people of what CAN happen sometimes...
KEEP your eye on the ball!!


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Off topic but is there a difference between the RL paint at HD and elsewhere. If not, I'd take the contractors paint. The RL paint (at HD) does not appear to rate very well.

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