Help! Yellow paint conundrum (seeking beautiful, soft color...)

NewEnglandSaraFebruary 5, 2012

Hi All,

We are having our entire house painted, and I am happy so far with all of the colors except for the hallway (which is a huge expanse of space across three floors of the house.) The hallway is currently only primed with one coat, so we can still (hopefully) address the issue with some gallons of paint.)

Here's the scoop...We picked Benjamin Moore's Beacon Hill Damask (HC-2) for the hallways and tried to match the room colors around it. Somehow, the room colors are all coming out nice and fresh-looking, and the hallway looks a bit "muddy" and dark in comparison. I think the Beacon Hill Damask is a gorgeous color, but it is looking too rich and (for lack of a better word) "historic" for our space. Other colors in the vicinity are mostly Safecoat colors, but some other Ben Moore shades are Heavenly Blue (709) and Beacon Gray (2128-60.) (I know most people probably aren't familiar with the Safecoat colors; but if it helps, we are using Hiking Path, Puddle, Mystic Blue and Celery Seed as some of the colors from that brand....)

SO, I am looking for a soft, beautiful yellow color that will have that "fresh" feeling without being too bright. It will need to go over the Beacon Hill Damask with (probably) too coats. I am feeling lost, and the painter is ready to go in the morning. Any suggestions?

Thank you in advance for your help!

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Hello- you will get better responses if you post over in the home decorating forum, along with some pictures. This forum is for technical paint issues.

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Thank you so much for the tip, Andrea!

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