What is the best Booster seat for 5 yr old?

allison_CAJanuary 4, 2002

Anyone have any recommendations for a car booster for a 5 yr old. Calif. just passed a law saying kids have to be 6 or 60lbs to ride in a regular car seat. I bought a Graco booster seat yesterday, but just read Consumer Reports does not recommend it for shoulder strap booster seats.

Thanks for any info.

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Recommendations for booster if a tough call, each booster has to be confortable for your child, there are so many out there, I would take your child with you when you go shopping and try them out first.

There are many others web sites that have very good information. I am also certified in Child Passenger Saftey and I do what I can for others to ensure that our younger generation is safe.





There are many more, if you have any questions please feel free to drop me an email @ carseatsafetynospam@nospam.yahoo.nospam.com **YOU MUST REMOVE ALL 3 'nospam's **



PS. Once you have a booster seat/car seat, I would recommand you contact your local Fire department or Hospital and find out if they have Fitting stations/Car seat check up events.

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