BM Silver fox (grey) is a tad dark, shows with purple undertones

sonaliagrawalFebruary 4, 2011

Help! My home office room gets barely any sunlight, and has a lot of ceiling light cans. Silver fox sample tried on the walls shows up with a little bit of purple undertone. I am really looking for a grey which is warm, but no prominent green/purple/tan/blue in it. A shade light wont hurt either, but not as much of a burning issue.

Hoping that funcolors or someone else can help. Thank you!

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Lori A. Sawaya

The truth is there are few, very few, true neutral greys.

Thinking that all grays have either a green, purple, blue, pink, brown undertone is just plain the wrong way to think about it. It's bassackwards. And this is why/how:

It's not a matter of looking at grey paint colors and trying to determine their colorful undertones. It's a matter of *seeing* colors that have been grayed down SO FAR they look almost neutral, achromatic, colorless -- or *grey*. Also correct to say toned down, knocked back or desaturated instead of grayed down.

Some say there's no difference - it's a matter of semantics- undertone vs. grayed down. But it's not. It's a matter of a fundamental understanding of how color works three-dimensionally in the built environment

Plus, it's not how architectural paint is mixed - architectural paint isn't mixed from the point of view of adding color to create an undertone. It's mixed from the perspective of chromaticity (or colorfulness) and managing it down - desaturating, knocking back, toning down.

Hyper-focusing on just one part of a color, the undertones, instead of reaching for a more holistic embrace of overall color characteristics especially when dealing with color three-dimensionally isn't wise.

If you have little natural light and are relying on recessed lighting, then I'm guessing your room is basically lit by halogens. Halogens produce clean, *white* light and render colors accurately.

So that's what we're essentially working with - clean, white light that will render your paint colors accurately.

The Master Palette from ICI/Dulux which is now AkzoNobel has one of best collections of grey paint colors. Under that AkzoNobel umbrella is the brand Glidden. So that means that The Master Palette is also used for the Glidden brand.

Which means you can go to The Home Depot, because they carry Glidden Paint, and get color chips from The Master Palette. Here are six greys I think you should try (get chips):

Silver Cloud 30YY 63/024

Sutton Place 30YY 54/030

Zeppelin 30YY 46/036

Grey Pearl 10YY 63/027

Roma Haze 10YY 54/034

Chinchilla White 10YY 46/041

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funcolors - that has to be the best answer on color I have ever received from anybody (in person, or online!). Its amazing how well you understand colors and how well you can explain them to people like me :) Thank you!

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My entire first floor is a Valspar color, Polar Star. It is very light grey, though. In bright light it looks lighter, at night there's more contrast with the white trim. I can't take a photo because it always comes out white in a photo.

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I have a sample of Wood Smoke GLN40 from Glidden. I decided it's too dark for my small bedroom, but it's a warm gray that doesn't seem to have obvious undertones, so it might work in your space.

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I'm in love with the color I chose for my LR/DR- it's BM Revere Pewter. I get compliments on it all the time!

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