My brother.

lablover4everJanuary 17, 2007

I wish they had a place just to talk about brothers but my brother thinks he is my father since my dad died 2 years ago now. I have a mild form of autism but I function very well and live in my own apartment and have a job and a dog.

The good things about my brother is that he helped me get my apartment, got my landlord to let me have my dog, helped me get my car but I paid for it. The bad things are that he would not let me get my car painted and would not let me go out on a date with somebody he did not like which he does not even know him. I am 23 years old and I got yelled out for having beer in my apartment that has been there for a long time and he drinks beer too! I got mad at him and he did not call me last nite and my mother said I should call him first. Should I do you think?

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I guess the more important question is WHAT do you think. Not what does your Mom think, not what we think, but what do you think. HOW long are you willing to go without talking to him. AND when you do talk to him, do you expect an apology, or are you going to pretend this just didn't happen? Things to think about. Things to decide before you talk to him (calmly)...please be my brother, which I need...not my father, whom we both just lost.


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Thanx vickey-mn. I think he should call me cuz he is the one left my house fussing when I did nothing wrong. He was suppose to bring me a new kind of dog food and he didn't even call me which he does every nite last thing before bed. I will call him before I go to work just so I know about my dogs new food. I do not want an apology I just wish he was not mad at me.

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It sounds like your brother really cares for you and is helping you out a lot. I don't know what your exact situation is, but I would bet there may be a good reason he was mad at you about the beer. His protective nature sounds like it comes form love and concern and is not just a control type issue. Then again, it's hard to know without seeing the whole picture.

Brothers and sisters who are close are usually going to have some fights from time to time. It doesn't sound like anything too major happened. I'd go ahead and give him a call.

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I also agree it sounds like your brother care about you alot.He is probably just worried about you and doing what he thinks your dad would have done.
He probably feels overprotective of you,being you are little sister.
What does your mom think about how he acts? does she agree that is trying to do "the best thing for you" or does she think he is maybe too harsh?

I think you guys should talk about it.Maybe if you are mad,give it a few days so you can blow off some steam.

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Thanx for writing back to me and everything is ok now but the reason my brother got mad about the beer is cuz Sunday there was 4 and yesterday there was only 1. The reason for that is cuz a friend hooked up my car stereo and I had cleaned up his and roommates house for them. It was an agreement we made and so what do you give guys when they come over? It was diet coke or beer and he wanted the beer. Nothing wrong in that!! Its ok now and yes he does love and protect me. Coolmama my mother says it is between my brother and me and if I don't want him telling me what to do not to depend on him so much which is what I try not to do.

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Always best to talk, dont hold grudges, doesnt do any good for anybody.

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