Layout with no uppers. Different. Good or bad?

sugarbabyFebruary 11, 2013

I posted previously ( But I probably put too much info in it. I have since revised my layout.

No matter how much I played around with it, I couldn't find a way to keep the sink and dishwasher on the wall and have a blind corner I could live with. So I moved the sink and dishwasher to the island. We have a basement and it is totally open to the work side of the kitchen so it shouldn't be too difficult to do that.

This layout also will have no uppers and a pantry in the hall (just below the stove wall and to the left of the island). I don't think I have seen a layout similar to this but I have thought it through with how we use the kitchen and I think it is good. All the drawers plus the pantry will easily hold everything we use. I know there are things I may not have thought about so I would appreciate some of you taking a look and letting me know what you think. Thanks!

current layout with rooms beside.

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If you could post the adjoining room layout, it would help to better understand the flow in and out of your kitchen.

What is the "vent" to the left of the range? It would be a good idea to have space to the left of the sink. You have what looks like a 30" trash?

I didn't catch your other thread with "too much info" but this thread needs more.

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Thanks aloha2009.

I went back and edited my post to add the adjoining rooms layout. When we do the kitchen, we will take down the wall between the living room and kitchen. That is where the island ends.

The vent is for the water heater downstairs. Basically unmovable wall/box. We have trash and recycling that we use, so we need at least 24 inches for that. I thought I did 24 inches, but I guess not. Thanks for pointing that out. That would be good to change to leave a bit more room if we get a bigger refrigerator someday.

I did consider putting drawers to the left of the sink, but thought it would be better to have it to the right of the dishwasher for dishes. What do you think?

It's important for us to have a big area a table of 8-10 people.

Anyone else want to chime in?

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Why don't you make a galley-turn the fridge around and face into the kitchen in the trash spot ,in an enclosure. Continue counter to the right of fridge for sink and have 120 in at least if you are removing the little wall.... Or skooch range toward the window and put fridge over there with some counter between ...then the entire run opposite is free for sink and dishwasher and drawers/counter..Or put the fridge and range on wall B and use the 60 in on Wall A for sink and trash and dishwaher and then your island is free-it's practically in living room-if you want the island I would free it up so you have use as needed for prep/seating/laying out food-various uses including all the dish and storage drawers you seek.Place the appliances in the other 2 spots if you want the trio of sections. But does the galley not interest you? the one side can be 10 feet at least with wall removed. The plan you have with 3 sections would work better if island were free counter....even then,not sure.

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I like galley kitchens but have been unable to figure out how we could make this a galley. For this kitchen, if we put the fridge and stove on the same wall, there is so little counter space (10 inches each side) by the range. It would drive me batty. Leaving the fridge where it is and turning it is something I have not considered. I will think about it, but I suspect my husband will not go for that. *thinking*

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Hi sugarbaby,
Here's an idea. It's rough, but maybe it'll give you some thoughts. It'd give you a good "deaf friendly" connection to the stairs, living room and hall. Do research corner sinks on GW before committing to this type of plan, though. I'm a bit hesitant on it b/c the best workspot for prepping tends to be between the sink and stove, which looks a bit tight, but there might be more room for a sink there than what I drew. (I wasn't working really hard on scale.)

If you did a banquette against the far wall of the dining room, I think you'd be able to fit a lot of diners, and maybe even be able extend the leg that the DW is in farther toward the dining room. Extra cabinet space by the DW would be helpful.

Regarding corner cabinets--have you had susan corners, or only blind corners? I don't like blind ones, but susan ones seem fine to me. Also, you might like to check out the "Korner King". Someone on here has one, don't remember who.

Some have put pantry storage in between studs in interior walls. It's amazing what will fit in those spaces (We fit a pantry in an apt this way when we redid it, it held a lot!). If necessary, this might be an option down your hallway.

Here is a link that might be useful: Korner King, a solution for corner cabinets

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