Backsplash to go with red range, cherry and soapstone

islandlaurieFebruary 9, 2012

We're on the homestretch with our remodel. Last time we did this it was two years looking at the backer board and I really don't want to do that again so I am looking for some ideas. I want something fairly simple, I don't think I need to add to the chaos that's already forming only a week after moving in. I am thinking maybe a larger format glass tile, perhaps even clear with those little bubbles that make you think water and beach. Any ideas would be welcome!

Thanks, Laurie

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Beautiful kitchen - so inviting. Is the ceiling Douglas fir?

I think a red painted steel panel, matching the hood, between the hood and the range, with the other areas painted to match the wall above the ledge would look great. In the pictures the red range does not show so the hood is a rather lonely looking red - I think adding a similar panel would anchor it.

I hesitate to send this since I 'design impaired', so consider the source.....

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I love your kitchen! We have similar cabinets, but unfortunately not the cool post and beam structure you have. I don't have any suggestions, though, since I have been meaning to post a similar thread. We still do not have a backsplash...

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Why did you choose the red hood and the red stove? They are beautiful and dynamic and I don't see a sea-green glass really going with the energy of the bright shiny red.

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Love the red hood. If the range is the same red (can't see it) I think some red element in the tile back splash would look great. Very lovely kitchen. Graceful is the word that comes to mind.

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Oops, I should have included a picture of the stove, I was just thinking about the backsplash area when I chose a couple of pictures.

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and a white field tile around the rest of the kitchen. Maybe a marble tile if you want something a little less plain than white ceramic or white glass.

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I am a HUGE glass tile fan; particularly large format glass tile. Can't believe I"m saying this but I don't see that style glass tile in your kitchen. I think a large format in a yellowish color would really make that gorgeous range and hood pop. Then... to stay a bit true to my nature; I'd throw in a RED glass liner or some tantrum tiles in the red to make it all flow together.

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Your kitchen is gorgeous!!! I would find something that isn't too busy and that would accent the range since it is the focal point of the kitchen. I love the red! I think for awhile before I give any suggestions.

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I love your kitchen. Awesome. I think you could marry the design elements of rustic and modern, but it is tricky. Your kitchen isn't full on rustic, but it does have an element of that with the wood and cellings. Maybe take a look at the most recent Design around this thread: Rustic Modern. I can't really picture glass tile, but maybe something else modern, like stainless could work well. I love remodelfla's idea of a warm yellow. I also think that maybe some of the Sumi-e large brick tiles could work, especially the matte ones.

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Maybe you could do stainless behind the stove and then do this brick that elizpiz did in her kitchen around the rest of the room?

Here is a link that might be useful: Brick backsplash

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Great kitchen!

I would do a quilted stainless steel backsplash behind the stove, and with the width extending the full distance between the uppers. I would leave the rest of the wall as is, or just a plain square off white tile.

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Wow, thanks for all the compliments and ideas!

Karen - No one has asked me why I chose a red range before, I suppose I had to start somewhere and it sounded like fun. The house is mostly wood so I wanted to add some color.

Orcasgramma - The ceiling is clear VG cedar. (I'm curious about your name, are you a whale lover or might you live on Orcas Island?)

Remodelfla - I love glass tile too, but you have given me something to think about. We thought about a clear glass tile (maybe with the bubbles) with a tinted adhesive in hopes of keeping the color similar to the paint that is there now. Maybe a yellowish tile would accomplish the same thing. I had also picked out some red tiles, I will take another look at those. I admit I don't know what tantrum tiles are but I'll figure that out.. thanks!

senator13 - Thanks, I will go read that thread. I had thought about stainless behind the range, I'll look at brick but I don't want to worry about bacon grease, etc.

sayde - thanks to you too! As I said, I thought about stainless but it seemed kind of boring, perhaps a quilted stainless would look good. Where do you go for that kind of thing?

Thanks to all of you who have looked and suggested. This site is amazing, I feel like I have sucked knowledge from current and past GWers for the last year. It is amazing how much knowledge and experience is here (once I figured out how to search it). I plan on continuing to visit here and now that we are almost done I might be able to contribute something based on my experiences.


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Orcas is where we spend our summers and plan to retire. We are building there now and spending the academic year in Houston, TX.

Where is your island? Are you sailors?

I agree that a quilted stainless back splash would look great in your beautiful kitchen.

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Tantrum Canyon Red by Sonoma Tilemakers:

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I asked you about the reason for the red because I wondered if you were looking for fun and excitement - and you were, so I think you should add more fun to the backsplash and not keep it so plain. Play with red accent tiles in the backsplash (although I think a stainless sheet behind the stove will look great) and look for some great red accent pieces for your countertop too!

I do love the feel of your kitchen and hope you really enjoy it.

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Fabulous kitchen...congrats! I'm of mixed mind on the backsplash. I love the idea of the quilted stainless behind the range itself, but am not sold on white to go with it. In fact, I'm not sure what would work well with it and I'm not sure I like the idea of something different behind the range than elsewhere.

Three possibly random thoughts that come to mind, though: First, I'd like to see the backsplash and the remaining wall (above the splash up to the ceiling) be fairly similar...if not actually matching, I'd like to see just a tone or two lighter on the walls. Second, a tile that has a bit of a handcrafted look to it...nothing too rustic, but not sleek, modern and regular...would look best, IMO. And third, I do like the idea of squares rather than subway. Somehow, it just feels right with the shapes of your cabinets...and has the advantage of not being what everyone else (including me) is doing.

I also like the idea of yellow, but when I picture the color of the yellow S&P shakers on your counter all over the wall, it's too much. Something very soft and on the tan side. Here are a few tiles I was working with for my kitchen ...something like the one to the right (Pratt and Larson) or on the bottom (Ann Sachs Capriccio...surprisingly affordable and available as both subway and square) is what I'm thinking of.

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I love your kitchen. Beautiful elements, a great place
to cook and an even better place to enjoy the food.
Here are a few ideas.

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I offer 2 ideas..

I think a earthy sage green subway would blend nicely with the wood and be a great foil for the red in the hood.. I would choose a paler but still close to colors in the nature. I honk it would be hard to get this in glass tile and also you might want something less glossy than gloss. The hood is the jewelry that already pops and adding more gloss does seem to vibe.

Another option is to do the walker zanger backsplash in stacked stone like elizpiz's kitchen above but just behind the stove and just do 4" backsplash in other places and leave the wall painted.. I think that would look great.

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I agree with Lalitha' ssuggestion of going something less than shiny so that the hood and the stove be the star. Yellow will be too much if it is not pale.
Boxerpups, what is the name of the green beveled tile? It is awesome!

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Well, I'm weighing in a bit here. I love what you have done so far - and the red hood and range are great. I'm not a fan of pairing it with green, as that combination tends to take me to Christmas. I do think the kitchen needs more red to really integrate that great range/hood. It seems kinda lonely out there...

Yellow tones do work great with the red. The other option would be to find a mixture of tiles that incorporate the red in them and I think that's the way I would go.

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UM...does anyone have any idea what would have happened to the picture I embedded? Want to figure out what went wrong so I can avoid it in the future? Meanwhile, here's a try again at the yellow tiles

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I see some type of grey stone...maybe stacked or mosaic?

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It is from Southern Living Magazine

I agree,lovely.

t link...

Here is a link that might be useful: southern living

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Thanks so much for all the fresh ideas and pictures!

Melissa, your picture came through fine for me the first time.

Boxer, thanks for finding all the pictures. I think I like the first one best. It is about the same color as the paint on the wall and several people have suggested that we keep it the same color or just use a very short backsplash.

My first plan had some red accent tiles so it's interesting to hear people suggest that; sometimes these decisions seem to take you on a journey that comes right back to the beginning!

Lots to ponder. I love this site. Next trip to a tile showroom I will look at more options than the glass tiles I've been thinking I would use.

Thank you!!!! Laurie

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Oh good. I love the first one too. I think white or light
creamy white in either matte or polished form would be
ideal. Less is more for me. You have so much drama in your
kitchen. I love the beams, the movement, the soapstone
that I fear any other backsplash could take away from the
beauty of the space. A simple backsplash with a tiny bit
of accent maybe near the range is comforting to my eye.
Thanks for letting me share those thoughts.

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We don't have the red range, but we do have cherry and soapstone. We also wanted something simple and, after having the plain wall there for three years before deciding, we liked the idea of something matte and off-white. So, we went with a handmade, matte, off-white subway tile. Because it's handmade, there's just enough variation to keep it visually interesting. But, the matte finish really makes it blend with the other natural features. Anyway, here are a couple of pics of our simple, off-white, matte subways...

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I think something rustic would look great. I would like to see something a bit more substantial than your wall color. Your space is so rich. I think a rich looking backsplash is needed in the character of your style. To me your walls look weak compared to the rest of your space.

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holligator, thank you, that gives me a good idea of how mine would look with subway. Your kitchen is beautiful!

I kind of think it needs a little color added too, maybe some red accent tiles added somewhere.

Again, thanks to everyone for your responses. I thought my turn was over and then it's back on the front page!

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Just a thought...when our tile was being installed, before it was grouted, there was much more contrast, and the tiles stood out more individually. The grout turned out a little lighter than I had hoped, so the final product was more monochrome. It wasn't disappointing enough to have it redone, but I definitely would have insisted on the look of darker grout had I known how different it was.

We toyed with the idea of accent tiles for a long, long time (this was the main reason it took us three years to get the backsplash done!). In the end, we decided against it because we figured we could accent with items on the counter, and that would eliminate the problem of getting sick of some accent. I just prefer having the option of making changes.

Anyway, here's our pre-grout look...

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I definitely think a stainless bs behind the stove would be ideal. If you went a little industrial, it would give you the look you want and would extend the punch of the stove and hood.
If you love glass tiles, then why not try a silvery light gray? It would be almost as neutral as a white but give you a little edge to it. If you find the kind with the bubbles in it, all the better... I think a gloss would look nice with the shiny stove and hood.
If you want to keep it simple, I'd add the stainless behind the stove before doing anything else. That alone may be all you need.

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