Has anyone used American Accents metallic gold latex paint

never-give-upFebruary 10, 2013

Hi Everybody it's been a while since I was on here. I have a question that I tried searching for without luck.

I used American Accents Gold 7954 Metallic Finsh paint on some mouldings a few years ago before paint was reformulated. I still have a small can of the old oil based stuff which I loved, as it gave more of a tarnished brass color that I was looking for. I called the company and they no longer make it oil based. The stuff now comes only in latex. Has anyone used this stuff? I looked at the Martha Stewart and Valspar lines and they got such bad reviews that I would be quite hesitant to waste my money on them.

I just want to use it on a section of crown molding that surrounds a vintage tarnished brass lamp. The old stuff goes great with it but I don't have enough.

I would really appreciate any suggestions or info you could give me!

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