Wolfpackmom- did you ever paint using Golden Honey?

sis2twoFebruary 14, 2013

I had read your previous post stating that you were going to use Golden Honey in your foyer. Did you end up using the Golden Honey? If you did, would you mind posting pictures? I would love to see how it looks on the wall. Thanks.

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sis2two - No, we put a light coat on one small wall and could tell it was going to be too orangeish. It definitely looked more yellow-gold when I put 2 coats on white poster board and taped it on a few walls in the foyer/hallway area. I changed to BM Wheatfield - I found that too yellow-tan (although I am going to use that in the kitchen - it's a pretty color). I got tired of spending $$$ on soo many yellow-gold samples - I moved away from yellow-gold. We have chosen BM Soft Fern. I love love the color...have a small section of a wall painted and love it. Waiting for the painter to have a free weekend to come and paint. Several interior designers I have contacted from their website say that BM Soft Fern is a go to color for many of their clients. Hope this helps!

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We tested the Golden Honey on a large foam board and knew right away it was not the color for us. I can honestly say that I have tested so many yellows and golds that I am weary! Who knew it could be this hard.

Thank you for getting back to me. I am glad you found a color that worked. I love greens too.

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I'm in the same boat trying to find that perfect warm yellow/gold and am almost ready to give up and move on down the color palette entirely! I painted our kitchen, bath, and hallway last year and thought I could carry the color into our living room. The kitchen walls are Earthy Cane, the ceiling is Toffee Crunch, and the trim is Spice Delight. My plan was to use the yellow (toffee crunch) on the walls in
the LR but it looks peach now. Can I ask what colors you have sampled so far? I've tried SW White Raisin (greenish tint shows up), SW Blonde, SW Ivoire, and SW Restrained Gold so far. I can post pics if you'd like but I'm not sure how true the colors will show up.

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Kajipaints - Gosh I have to try to remember - tried sooo many - mostly BM - here goes - Straw, Wheatfield, Golden Honey, Country Comfort (?), Honey Wheat...I know at least 10 but this is all I can come up with. Most were too orangey or yellow. Not the yellow gold I was looking for. I changed completely and am painting the area - BM Soft Fern - it is a beautiful color - green/grey. It's going in a two story open foyer, downstairs and upstairs hallways.
I do like the Wheatfield but for a much smaller place - maybe my kitchen - I found that to be a yellow/tan. Let me know what you decide!

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