Why is the formula for my quart tester not close to the gallon?

parma42February 23, 2008

I had decided on SW Blonde and Ivoire for most of my house. Got the quart testers and painted some samples downstairs.

My painter came and did the master bedroom in a combo of those two. I then started wondering if the Blonde was going to be too light for the 2story family room with a southwest exposure. I looked at the formula on the cans. The Blonde quart was the same base as the gallon and a mixture of raw umber, new red and deep gold. The gallon was a mix of black, maroon and deep gold.

What's up with that or is it just a stupid consumer(me)not understanding the procedure?


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That means one of those 2 cans was a color-match!
* The Qt. & Gallon should have the same colorants, just in different proportion.
* There's NO reason for different colorants just because the size of the can's different.

OR, were you looking at the Qt. of one color, and the Gallon formula of another...by accident?!


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Thanks for your answer.

I called my Sherwin Williams store and here's what they said...Yes, it's kind of weird but the colors to go quart testers are a different kind of paint than the Cashmere you picked for your house and the colorants look different in the two so we change the formula to adjust.

I did some samples of the two Blondes and there is a bit of a difference in the color. The Ivoire formulas are out of whack too. Tester was roughly 4 parts of raw umber to 7 parts deep gold. Cashmere was around 3 32s black, 1 64 maroon and 41 32s deep gold. Don't know where the maroon popped up. This is the color that will be in a lot of my space downstairs.

Did I just waste $100 and lots of time on these samplers? Also wonder how they color match from their computer. If say someone wants a BM color match and the computer has the formula, will it automatically adjust for the Cashmere or will it just spit out the same for both?

Thanks again,

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I forgot about their Colors-to-go!

How much are "those" quarts...relative to a Qt. of the ACTUAL paint??
Because it's different material, the colorant difference is logical...but still, actual paint samples are the best route.
ZERO difference that way!


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