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lucas_tx_gwFebruary 1, 2013


I am trying to get a series of colors ranging from very light (darker rooms) to a wall color that's evident (not just an off white) but still not dark for use in lighter rooms. One room has picture frame paneling and we'd like to use a series of colors in that room.

So far I have BM cedar key (OC-16) as the darker color and BM Soft chamois (OC-13) as the ligher color and are happy with those. Based on one of the chips with multi colors on it, we thought Baby Fawn (OC-15) would be the third in between color. Couldn't find that in a sample size, so had the little pint made up and did some testing. We are also considering using white trim in some places so tried Cloud White (OC-130) and dark in others, so used Hot Spring Stones (AC-31).

We're happy with all of it but the baby fawn. The Chamois and Cedar Key seem to have a slightly pinker undertone and the Baby Fawn seems more yellow and doesn't really seem to fit.

Any suggestions for a color that will coordinate better? Also, we're happy with the Cloud white but if there is a different white that would be better, we'd be happy to consider.

I did some bigger boards with each color but then tried the combination on a piece of the paneling that we had to pull down to see how the looked on the wood. Please ignore my messy painting.

At the very left is the current color, so ignore it. Going to the right from there: Baby Fawn, a strip of HSS emulating trim, soft chamois, a bicolor trim strip and Cedar Key.

I think they do look pinker in this photo and the BF looks grayer but in any event, I think you can see that it kind of sticks out.

Any suggestions?

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Here they are in another order starting from the left: Soft Chamois, HS trim, cedar Key, bi color trim strip and baby fawn.

Thanks for any suggestions!

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I can't give any opinions on the colors because I think it's a matter of how they perform in the room.

Putting a light color paint in a room that doesn't get a lot of light isn't necessarily a good idea. The darkest color may actually look better there.

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Sorry if I wasn't clear enough with the question. I'm asking if someone knows of a Benjamin Moore color that's in between Soft Chamois and Cedar key.


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Maybe get a sample pot of Cedar in reduced saturation. I wonder if you can do the reverse and get the Chamois at, say, 150% or 200%.

You might also try mixing some of the chamois and cedar together until it pleases your eye. Do a test board. If you like it, have them match a sample quart to try on a wall. I did this after too many samples and found my color right away!

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