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pirulaFebruary 12, 2011

Faron, painterguy, funcolors, help please. DS is growing up and we're repainting this room/bathroom. F&B over F&B, eggshell over eggshell and modern emulsion over estate. I will be priming everything first. Paint is only four years old (like new but not "big boy" sigh). Anyway , do I really need to use dirtex on everything first? Can I just dust, prime, paint? Thanks!

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Lori A. Sawaya

I wouldn't even prime, I'd just get to painting new color over old.

Of course, I'm assuming that after four years of typical use the walls are in good shape i.e. how dirty can one kid get the walls in 48 months? And you don't need to prime to support the new color, like a dark gray primer underneath a new red.

Plus it's F&B over F&B - I believe that makes a huge difference. If it's clean w/good integrity, the current F&B is a better *base* than a new coat of primer.

We talk a lot about how painting with, and living with, high quality paint is worth the investment. But we really don't talk much about what it's like to repaint over the uber brands. The investment pays off right up to the day of an inevitable repaint.

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It really does funcolors. We're only repainting because of the color choice, no other reason......We will be filling in holes in the walls and that spackle will need priming, so I figured I'd just prime the walls as well. We have F&B primer to boot.

The trim, window, doors, and other woodwork will be primed because it's "Pointing" over "Chinese Blue" ugh, yeah. The walls technically would be okay colorwise as we're going with "Downpipe" over "Cooking Apple Green." But again, since we're filling holes and they'll need priming....

The bathroom walls have to be primed, "Cornforth White" over "Chinese Blue". Thanks for you help! I really don't want to have to wash down everything, it's in great shape and not remotely dirty or stained....no one smokes, etc....

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