Tips for painting trim? and old windows?

sergeantcuffFebruary 13, 2012

I plan to paint the interior trim in my 1930s-era house. Much of it has not been painted in 20 years! I'd appreciate some tips so this project will go smoothly.

Should I prime all three pieces of the baseboard or just the bottom part (similar to corner round), which is nicked up with lots of wood showing. The door trim is in better shape but there are still some nicks on the bottom 3 feet.

What type of brushes should I use? I bought a square brush that is angled which looked useful for the top part and the quarter round, but not for the 6-inch tall middle. I also have old 6-over-6 windows to paint.

I've used BM Regal Select semi-gloss on other projects with good results, but I am reading here that the Satin Impervo is better? Would it have a much stronger odor though? What primer should I use?

Thanks for any advice!


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If the old trim is oil, then using a good bridge primer (BM Fresh Start 023) would make sense for all the molding - preceded by good sanding. A 2.5 or 3" angled sash brush should work fine. More important is that you select a high quality brush from the likes of Purdy or Wooster - use their best. As for the paint, RS is excellent as is Satin Impervo. You will see the name Satin Impervo or Impervo used quite a bit around here and sometimes folks are referring to the oil version, sometimes the waterborne. The oil leaves the finest finish possible, but since it's an alkyd, it does smell, it will yellow and requires thinner for clean up. The waterborne version also produces a great finish but has a bit of a learning curve. If you are patient, the result is worth the effort

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Thanks for the advice, it makes sense. My contractor was telling me that I didn't need to prime, but if I am going to all this trouble I might as well do a good job! I think I'll start on the upstairs first, so that my skills will improve as I work my way downstairs.

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