parents opinion on new barbie toy

coolmamaJanuary 5, 2007

This is just a question I have out of curiousity.

My daughter was telling me about a new barbie toy that is a dog that actually poops. You know how kids exaggerate sometimes,I really thought she was pulling my leg.

Then we were at Target,and she was like,"See mommy! Here it is!"

So I look at it,and she is right! It is a dog you feed these pellets to,and then pull it's tail and the pellets come out the rear end!

Everyone in Target was looking at it and we were all kinda laughing about it.

So my question is...

Do you parents think this is a useful toy? maybe to teach kids the responsibility of cleaning up after a pet?

Or that maybe Barbie has gone a little too far and who would want a toy that does this?

This is a just for fun kinda question.I for one think it may be going a little too far,although I found it amusing.But I guess it's not that much different then those baby dolls that pee in their diapers.

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Those kinds of toys have been around for a lot of years,I see no harm in it but I am sure it has limited play value...
I mean after you have fed it and cleaned up after it, then what? And unless that stuff that comes out of the rear of the dog smells and there are some consequences in not cleaning up, it teaches nothing but that everything poops....even Barbie's dog.
Linda C

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My kids got pooping reindeer and penguins for Christmas from an aunt. It was fun for a little while, but now it's junk sitting to be packed or thrown away. The Barbie dog doesn't offend me. It's just another stupid gimmick for all the collectors to add to the collection. It has no value to me.

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the first time I heard of I didn't believe it either, I had to search online and see it myself, complete with video demonstration.

I was amused, dont' see any harm, but don't see any value either. I wanna know how much that board of directors had been drinking when they approved such a bizarre concept for a toy. I predict clearance shelves by March.

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My daughter has the cat that pees. I acutally got it for her for Christmas. She wants to be a vet and loves animals. Her best friend has the dog that poops.

She is such an animal lover that any pretend toy is super! We have a cat but no dogs, and right now that's enough. The rest of the animals can be Mattel for now :D

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Intresting thoughts everyone...LOL stephanie in ga about how much the boad of directors was drinking.
I dont see any harm,just think it is kinda silly.What will they think of next???

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I have a real dog that poops...

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LOL, can't believe it.

In Australia, if your dog poops you are supposed to pick it up with a plastic bag and dispose of it in a bin. If you don't you can be fined.

So I think Barbie should set a good example and pick up the poop. She is such a model citizen !

I would't buy if for a child, I think it is crass. But maybe I am just an old fuddy duddy !


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LOL sweeby...I have a cat who does,and a rabbit who does too much!!!
It is a little crass,popi

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There was just an article recently in the newspaper that several countries are banning Barbie. They believe it will have negative effects on the development of their girls. I believe that Russia was one of the countries that has decided to ban Barbie.

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I have heard about these bans on Barbie.Something about how her body makes girls feel inferiror and have low body self esteam.
But if they are going to do it,then should ban Bratz too.No noses? Yet huge ANGELINA JOLIE LIPS and HUGE EYES? Plus sometimes really slutty clothes.

All in all though,when I was little I never thought about my Barbie's body.I just liked playing with a toy.
If anyone made feel bad about my body when I got older,it was Pamela Anderson,LOL,LOL,LOL!

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Can't stand bratz dolls.

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Ugh,so do I,I'm glad my daughter isnt into them.

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Yes, I agree with the comments about the bratz dolls. They are aweful.

What's wrong with a lovely little baby doll, that is cute and cuddly, I loved buying those dolls when my daugher was little ! It was like reliving my childhood.

There was "big bubbie" and that was the first one. Then I remember one Christmas, I bought this huge doll that was as tall as my DD! She loved it, and it walked, well thats what it said on the box !

Its wonderful being blessed with a girl, isn't it ?


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Yes popi,I love having a girl too. I thought I wanted a boy when preggers but now that I think about it~I dont know what I'd do with a boy! I'm kinda a girly girl so I try to see myself playing cars with a boy,LOL.
Husband wishes one of his kids was a boy....but our cat is his furry son.

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Well, Coolmama, I am blessed with one of each, and had to do "boy"things, its not so bad ! Lots of lego all over the house, going up the vacuum cleaner ocassionally, and I had to be good with a hammer and saw.

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My husband wanted a boy so he could have someone to work on his cars with him,LOL.My daughter has now taken an intrest in who knows?
She is kinda a tom boy.Doesnt want to brush her hair,always getting into the dirt.Hanging upside down on trees.
The only dolls she's into right now are called SODA POP GIRLS,cuz they smell nice.

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She sounds wonderful, Coolmama, sounds like a well adjusted child !

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Does Barbie have a pooper scooper? lol
I have boys. They just got (from my brother) a fart toy with a remote control. They think it's hilarious.

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Yep the cat toy has a litter box and a scooper ! The litter clumps like real litter.

Funny she will clean barbie's kitty litter but not our real cat's litter.

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