welcome, oh_my

stephanie_in_gaJanuary 6, 2008

Hello new poster, "oh_my." I see you snuck in here and we know nothing about you except you're funny! You've left some witty and wise responses this weekend.

I call for introductions!


married 15 years

mom of 3 boys (14, 11 and 5) and girl (8)

SAH for 14 years and starting to work again, substituting until I get recertified to teach HS English.

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Married one year. Living in sin for 4 years before that. We have a yours, mine, and ours family.
My SD is 9.
My daughter is also 9, four months younger than my husband's.
We have a 4yo daughter together...and yes, we have learned where babies come from now, and will not be having any more happy little accidents.

My SD visits every Weds and every other weekend and 4 weeks in the summer, but her father just filed for shared parenting, so we'll see. She's not that fond of me, but I choose to love her anyway. Sometimes she'll forget she doesn't like me and give me a hug.

My daughter's father has been very scarce in her life, and she has not seen her father since February of '06, although recently he has been texting me saying he's sorry and wants to develop a relationship with her. He just had another baby girl, so I wonder if that's not prompting the sudden interest. Anyway, she, on her own, has begun calling my husband dad, has not asked about her bio-dad in a long, long time, and is feeling very stable right now, so if her bio-dad doesn't specifically say to me, Hey, When can I come over, I'm not going to push the issue.

As far as our 4yo...what a difference having your parents together makes in a child's overall demeanor and attitude about things. It makes us sad about the situations we've created in our past and gives us real purpose in making our marriage work the best it can.

Well, that's me in a nutshell. Thanks for asking.

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