Eggshell on the Ceiling

jeanninepc99February 26, 2014

I am anticipating some responses that say I'm totally insane, but I have to imagine there might be one or two out there who have put paint with a little sheen on their ceilings?

We moved to a new house last summer and though the ceilings are the same as in the condo we left, they feel low. The ceilings had decorative plaster swirls on them (not popcorn, plaster) and decided to have the swirls removed. The house was dirty and all the little crevices on the ceilings contributed to that. Plus I just don't like the look.

So we paid a team to come in and sand the ceilings down and then add a smooth finish on top. I decided to put satin finish paint on the ceiling in two bedrooms and I love it! There's a very, very slight glow and the rooms definitely feel taller.

I found ONE blogger (For the Love of a House) who did the same. Has anyone else?

For the Love of a House's ceilings have a bit more shine than mine, but I think the paint looks lovely in her house!

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Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting

If you have a a very smooth ( I will not use the word perfect) ceiling, then yes it will work. Probably 95 % of the ceilings I have painted were nowhere close to perfect, so flat is the way to go to help hide imperfections

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Brushworks Spectacular Finishes

The worst thing to appear may be the joints. That won't be pretty!

If you decide to paint a smooth ceiling with sheen, be sure to paint it in two directions, perpendicular to each other.

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Jeanne, I've admired her ceilings (I follow her blog). Would love to try it as well but in a 60 yr old house I know there are imperfections. Worse case, I guess we could go back to flat.

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" ... be sure to paint it in two directions, perpendicular to each other."

I've never heard of this. What does it do/prevent?

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Just an update...I've been putting eggshell on the ceilings in each room as I've painted rooms in our house.

I LOVE it. Just as the blogger I linked to above said, it makes the rooms feel just a touch taller. It also bounces light around a little bit.

As for imperfections, there is one room where the plaster work isn't totally smooth and the benefits far, far outweigh the fact that the few little bumps aren't "hidden" by flat paint.

Oh, and I posted about this to my Facebook page and the designer I know said she does semi-gloss on her ceilings, even when she lived in an ancient farm house.

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The finished basement in our house has a low (7.5 ft) ceiling of 1 ft square tiles. I usually detest this type of ceiling, but the previous owners painted the tiles with glossy paint, something that I would not have thought to try. The tiles no longer look cheap, the overall effect is extremely attractive, and it looks more "finished" than unpainted ceiling tiles do.

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The ceilings in living room, adjoining dining room my former house were 1926 coved, very textured plaster. I don't have a photo to show you, but my best description is almost in little peaks, like frosting on a cake or knife lifted design on merengue.
Pratt/Lambert eggshell, soft white. I loved it, loved the glow. I have a gallon left and am considering using it on the kitchen of the home we're in now. Or using it somewhere, possibly foyer ceiling. This house was built 1955, beautiful construction and little to hide but not without a few flaws.

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