Piano-hinged doors on upper corner or blind corner?

geomegFebruary 4, 2013

Hi everyone,

I've had 2 KD's come up with plans for my tiny kitchen. One was aesthetically very pretty but she used a blind corner in the upper cabinet. The kitchen is a tiny "L" shape.

The other KD came up with a plan that was more symmetrical (2 cabs over the 27"sink base, 2 over the DW) and a piano-hinged corner upper cabinet.

Aesthetically the blind corner plan was nice but how inconvenient would a blind corner be? The door of the upper blind corner was 20" wide and the cabs are 13.5 " deep, so I think it would be a fairly deep blind corner, if that makes sense.

Unfortunately I don't have either plan to post...

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I think the piano hinged corner would provide easier access to the cabinet space. In a small kitchen, every inch is valuable. You will need to be careful of the handle placement so that they don't bang against each other when opening the hinged doors.

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I'm the queen of blind corners. I have one upper and two lowers. I actually have two more, but they are on opposite ends/sides of my peninsula so it's not as bad as I have openings into the entire space.

Only one of the lowers is a true PITA, mostly because of what I keep there: bowls and plastic containers/lids. Every time I look for something in there I think of this board and hear the tsk-tsking. I deal.

The upper blind corner is a non-issue for me. I keep rarely used items in the blind spot. It's much easier to see inside than in a lower. The rest of the cab is open and accessible.

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I decided to do a blind upper corner because it gave me full double-door cabinets on either side of the corner, which I found more useful than a hinged cabinet with a deep corner. I also didn't want large doors that opened so close to my face. Had that in my old kitchen.

I have a 24" cabinet on the stove side and a 28" on the fridge side. The blind cabinet next to the 24" cab has a 12" door, and yes, it's tight. I keep paper towels and napkins in there--large items that I can just grab a corner of--or multiples of items like canned cat food.

I sacrificed the bottom corner so I could do two drawer stacks on each side of the corner. Some people will say it's crazy to give up precious storage in a small kitchen, but I found that with cabs up to the ceiling, a pull-out pantry, and a deep refrigerator cabinet, I have some empty shelves in my wall cabinets.

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I had an upper blind corner for close to 40 years. I would never recommend it unless the alternatives are just unworkable. I opted for this instead:

and I really like it. To the left is a cabinet with double opening doors.

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It. Depends on the layout but I often strongly recommend blid walls as a way to provide more REAL accessible shelf space. Have done the math for numerous kitchens to determine that.

It is disheartening to have people screw up their layout because of an emotional attachment to the little space in the corner.

To your question elsewhere about lining up tops and bottoms- generally they should NOT. An extreme effort tO do that is considered a novice/amateur mistake by many.
Guess it's obvious where I stand :)

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Jacuvall- the KD with the less symmetric look does have more experience... Her plan is abit more expensive although she uses the same cabinet line.

My kitchen is super tiny, 96" by 82",L shape. The fridge on a wall by its own.

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Blind cabinets are cheaper than any alternative that isn't blind (hinged door, lazy susan, etc). I have a blind upper and lower and they are both a PITA as far as I'm concerned and they are gone in the remodel. Having just packed up much of my kitchen to get ready for the reno, I found that there was a bunch of stuff I never used (as in for 9 years) because it was in those blind corners. I have gotten rid of a good bit of it and the things I could have used if I could have gotten to it easily will be in a better access when the new kitchen is in.

Good luck with your kitchen design!!!

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I have the same as suzannesl both upper and lower and would have it no other way.

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