scroll project: need to join calligraphy to grasscloth

sarosenDecember 18, 2008

OK folks, I need some ideas here.......

I found a scroll that is about 15" wide and about 2 1/2 feet long. OK, now visualize this:

The two ends are one foot long pieces x 15" wide pieces of grasscloth, with the end of each piece of grasscloth wrapped around a piece of wood. In the middle of the two pieces of grasscloth is a piece of black fabric with a quote stenciled on it. That piece of black fabric is sewn (top and bottom ) onto the grasscloth, making the whole scroll.

OK, what I want to do is REPLACE the black fabric with my own calligraphed quote.

I get it that how I could easily replace the fabric with any other fabric--just remove the black fabric and sew in the new. But if I calligraph on paper, how do I insert that??

Somehow transfer the calligraphy to cloth?

Mount the paper the calligraphy is on to cloth?

Can't quite figure it........

This is for a present that should have gone out yesterday, so any and all ideas welcome, ASAP!!!

thanks muchly in advance........Susan

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