Christmas Card 2002 #2

minnie_txDecember 17, 2002

I needed 3 more cards so tried this out since I ran out of the maroon mulberry.

I wasn't as happy with this. On the other card the lines of the stamping were very fine but this stamp, also by Stampin' Up, has a little fatter line. The mulberry really absorbed the embossing fluid on these. I thought it needed a little jazzing up so I dabbed the tree with my glue stick and then sprinkled on Fabric Arts Fine Gold Crystal Glitter. It is strange how the photo came out . The greens actually match each other but look brownish on the print.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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The glitter is a nice touch. I felt the same way about a similar tree stamp on one of my holiday cards...too bland. Used some gree glitter and it perked it right up. Of course I always think you can't have enough sparkle ;-)! I used a lot of the glitter fabric paints and they worked great, as long as you don't put them on water-soluble dye ink, which cause the imprint to start bleeding.

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I really like it! I've got to learn to do stamping!

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I like the glitter very much! I'm always kind of lazy about using it myself. I guess because I'm so messy. Last time I cleaned out my mouse, I even found a bit of glitter in it! LOL!
Oh, I've had that happen with colors in a scan, too.

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