not sure which FPE paint/primer to use

angie_mFebruary 29, 2012

I have decided to try out the FPE paints/primers in our upstaris bathroom that we have been remodeling. I really need to get started painting the cabinetry. The bath is going to have cool toned white marble and white subways tiles. I have not even come close to finding a bright, cool, white to use on my cabinets and trim, but I do need to at least start painting them. So, I am ready to order primer from FPE. Will the Eurolux primer be ok to use on these cabinets? They are new, untouched, maple cabinets. I have been planning on using the the Eurolux finish paint anyways. I really, really, do NOT want to use an oil paint. I use BM oil paints when I restore old wood windows on my house, and I HAVE to use it outside. It makes me sick, dizzy, and gives me a crazy bad headache. And that is when I use it outside only! I can not even stand the idea of actually using an oil paint inside my house. Also, my bathroom fixtures are all cool whites, as is the wall tile, along with cool marble floor tiles. In other words, no yellowing allowed! So, my questions are:

Can I use Eurolux primer on new untouched maple cabinets?

If not, and I have to use the Eco primer, will it kill me?

Or make me wish I was dead, due to the crazy bad headache?

I really want to get this primer orderd ASAP, so help is much appreciated!! Any ideas for a bright, cool, white that looks great with AO Ice White tiles would be even more helpful!!

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You're painting Maple cabs?!?!?

IMO...both ECO-primer & Eurolux-primer will be fine.
They're both stated for use on wood, walls, etc.

You shouldn't have any health issues with either one.
Eurolux is "all-acrylic" primer.
ECO is the "Waterborne Alkyd".

I LOVE the ECO-series paint!!!

>>> It's a tish more suitable for cabs.'s a Waterborne-Alkyd, but I couldn't even smell anything. It was a joy to use. Levels-off great if you don't overwork it.

Check my thread for pics of the ECO-project I did on some thin wood trim in our entry.


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Is there a benefit to using FPE primer? I can understand their paint being superior, and the brushing putty being a unique product, but wasn't aware that FPE primer was worth specifying. Can someone elaborate on that?

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