OlychickOctober 2, 2012

I have a flowering quince in my garden that always sets fruit. This year I have about a dozen med. lemon sized quinces still on the plant. I've never used them because I am unsure if the ornamental variety fruit is good to eat? Is it? When do you harvest and what would you do with it? Or should I just let them hang?

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Make jam or jelly....quince jelly is wonderful!

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Quince jelly is made from the fruit of the quince tree, genus Cydonia. Ornamental quinces are shrubs of the genus Chaenomeles.
I did learn in a previous forum discussion that the ornamental quince can be eaten (it's not harmful).
But it's not what people are referring to when they talk about quince jelly or preserves, or other quince dishes.

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I love their smell. I used to pick the dropped ripe ones from a neighbor's garden, stick them decoratively with whole cloves and keep them in a bowl on my kitchen counter where I could enjoy their fragrance for many months.


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Cloudy Christine, that's what I was wondering - whether they were the same fruit. Even in the dead of winter, when there's not much else to eat, the deer don't eat them, so I figured that was a sign.

Guess I'll let them hang or do as Seagrass suggested and enjoy the fragrance.

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I have a Japanese quince, too, and I have successfully made delicious quince paste candy with the fruit that comes every other year. It's delicious with Manchego cheese and keeps forever in the refrigerator. You have just enough.

But you're right, it's not the same as true quince and can't be substituted for it in recipes.

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