What to put in empty vases?

iris_9February 17, 2010

We have just had our entire house painted and I'm now putting things back in place. I did a lot of cleaning out clutter and throwing away of dried and silk flowers that were past their prime. (My DH has never like artificial plants but I think they serve a purpose sometimes.) Anyway, I have quite a few large and small vases that look kind of barren without anything in them and I certainly don't have enough real flowers to fill them! Any thoughts on what to do with them or do you just leave yours bare?

(I put peacock feathers in one and DH was ok with that.)

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Seashells you've collected
corks from wine bottles if you save them
I like the feathers. Perhaps eucalyptus? Or just leave it empty maybe? The glass one is pretty as is, imo.

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I do like the emtpy glass vase -- but it would be pretty filled with clear glass "pebbles" -- the kind found in Hobby Lobby in packages .....

Or perhaps -- for a change -- white aquarium gravel?

Or perhaps pine cones for the winter months?

Or branches from the yard? Maybe some branches of silk forsythia for these very early spring days?

Or buy some fresh tulips? Or experiment with flowers from the grocery store etc.?

When my rosemary bush blooms out front in my garden -- I love to bring in branches for my vases ......

Jan at Rosemary Cottage

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Yeah, I leave mine bare. I think if the vase is beautiful it can be beautiful on its own with no embellishments needed. I'm with your husband, I don't care for the artificial stuff.

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how about seaglass? I have a few filled with small stones and I group them together on a small table so it looks like a collection. You could use seashells, pinecones, glass beads, etc.

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Thank you everyone for the suggestions. I think I will just leave them empty. I guess I just needed some reassurance!

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For awhile I collected glass vases, especially colored ones, and used them on my wide window sills as they reflect light and color so nicely. However, I tired of them so gave them all away and only kept a few special ones which are mostly hidden in cupboards now unless they have flowers in them.

While I like apothecaries with shells and decorative items unless the vases are clear plain glass I think they display better empty.

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I must have dozens. All empty except for gardening season, when 1 or 2 might get flowers. I consider them art objects, deserving of attention in their own right, and not as a vehicle for displaying something else, like flowers. They are all stand-alone beautiful. If a vase has good lines or striking color, etc., it doesn't need anything else.

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I just went furniture shopping and it seems every vase was filled with bamboo sticks.Big,little painted and natural.
Just an idea.

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I have branches cut from my dogwood bush in a vase on my fireplace. I use riverock to stabilize it and after two weeks it has now started to "bloom" with leaves and small white flowers. (the branches are a beautiful burgundy color) I did this last year too and it's a little bit of spring in the dead of winter. (change the water at least weekly) Don't know how to post pics or I would. :(

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Right now...pussy willows!

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I hope I don't get thobbered on here and I am not being rude. But IMO the glass vase would not be displayed unless you had fresh flowers.


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I like fresh flowers. With the exception of a large pottery piece, I don't have vases out unless I have fresh flowers, greenery, or branches that I am forcing like forsythia, flowering quince, dogwood, etc. I am another who really doesn't like artificial plants and flowers. Love the idea of pussy willows and I do like those twisty branches, but again...not fake.

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Hello everyone, OP, here. And Jane, you're not being rude! The crystal vase (a wedding gift from 41 years ago) was the one that was really bothering me to leave empty. I had some silk roses in it and they were actually in good condition, but since we are making a clean start after the house painting, DH and I wanted to go for a more uncluttered look so I thought I would do away with all the artificial flowers. I have nice curio and china cabinets inherited from my deceased MIL where I would like to display it, but they are cram packed with both my collectibles and hers! (Those cabinets need "editing"too...so much "stuff"!) The branches ideas seem like something that might work, though. Anyway, I do appreciate everyone's input!

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I do think it would look pretty as part of a grouping, especially if there is light shining through it. Then, no worries about what to put in it! It is a beautiful vase-should have mentioned that in my previous post!

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I'm glad you didn't take offense Iris. It's a beautiful vase, and I have one simiilar to it. But has no sentimental value as your does.

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