Brown Turkey Fig Tree info

mamatoadMarch 31, 2013

Someone asked about the fig tree and the Mandarin Orange tree that I mentioned planting today. The Brown Turkey Fig is supposed to be the same as the ones we had in Mississippi many years ago, but there is a difference. Here in Arizona, it gets confused and makes three crops of figs, beginning in June and lasting until December! The Mandarin Orange that we planted is a new one that we have not tried to grow before. We do have a couple of orange trees that provide the entire neighborhood with oranges plus a huge lemon tree and a smaller one (Meyer) that is covered in blooms now. We're hoping for another abundant crop!

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Here in the cold Northeast we can't grow citrus but I gave DH a tiny fig tree this week. It's a Chicago hardy and the name caughte my eye - if it can survive a Chicago winter then it should be fine here in the Philadelphia area.

How lovely to have fresh fruit from your own backyard.

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I have a couple of fig trees - the fruit, fresh from the tree, is delicious!!!

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since I bought this house, I planted a peach tree, an apricot tree and a fig. I just went and looked, it is a Chicago hardy fig.

I also planted 4 blue berry bushes, and strawberry plants. I can't wait for fruit....


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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

maire cate, you'd be surprised how many people grow citrus in containers, in the cold Northeast! Some varieties are surprisingly adaptable.

I just love the look of a fig tree, but HATE figs. I should plant one just for the really neat ornamental value, though.

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We have a 40 year old Meyer lemon tree here.....produces tons of lemons all year long.
Our neighbor has an orange tree and a tangerine tree and the people down the street has a fig tree and a quince.
The plum tree next door is nearing it's end but we have enjoyed great plums for years.

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We have a White Genoa fig tree that I need to re-pot into a bigger container. It's small right now but already has five figs on it. When they are ripe they are delicately sweet and yummy.

I remember a neighbor's Brown Turkey fig tree. It got to be at least 15 feet high and very wide.

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