Turning a reciept into a gift-- Help!

janjan212December 14, 2007

I don't know if I have the right forum for this, but it seemed more logical than the others, so here goes...I hope there are some creative minds here that will help me out!

My husband remembers the day/date of our first date and has commented several times over the years how special that day was/is to him. He's even talked of getting a personalized licence plate with the date on it. (awwwww)

We've been married almost 5 yrs now, going about 8 since that first date. The other day I came across the make-shift memory box I threw together years ago. It was in a drawer I rarely get into and it's been a few years since I looked so I decided to take a little trip down memory lane. Inside I found the "customer copy" of the reciept of when he took me to dinner that first date. He must have slipped it in there way back when and I had forgotten it was there. I ran across it once before and wondered what I could do with it to turn it into something to display. A gift to him. Something for his desk maybe..or night stand. I try to get him something sentimental but after awhile, you just run out of ideas!

Anyway, I swear I asked on one of these boards before but never recall getting any responses (I might be dreaming that though!) So here I am at Christmas and at a loss for the "something sentimental". Any ideas?

It's just a small register receipt, maybe 3" tall...I think it might even be the yellow carbon copy.. I've thought of a simple mat and frame but that's obvious and I was hoping there maybe something more creative...I'm just not very good in that area. I wanted it to be special. I had a friend one time take one of my baby photos and have it etched in metal of some sort, That was so many years ago, but I still have it and look at it fondly and remember him (I havent seen him in about 20 years now, but that gift keeps on giving!)..I wonder if that can be done with the receipt... Hmmmmm

Anyway, any ideas are appreciated! TIA!!

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I think if it were me I would turn it into a key chain.
This seller on ETSY is really good. A friend sent her a picture of my grandson and she turned it into a keychain and it is just beautiful.
She probably could scan the receipt and do something like this with it.
Here is a link the her Etsy store so you can see what kinds of things she does.
I've seen some of her other work and it is very very good.

Here is a link that might be useful: Charming Elements

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Connie Kru

You can do it yourself.
You need a domino and then scan you image.
Size it in a card program
Print it on tissue paper (to run through the printer you must tape the tissue paper to cardstock)
Spray with a krylon clear spray (to keep the ink from running)
cut out your image and adhear with mod podge -several coat.
Before you start-drill a hole and put in your pin at the end to attach to a key ring.
Good Luck

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What a cute idea, and it looks like she does a wonderful job ~ (thanks too for the instructions Connie...I appreciate it but I don't have the supplies on hand and sadly,I lack talent!) I bet your instructions will help someone though!

I'm not sure he would "use" a keychain and she isn't doing anything custom until after Christmas anyway... I could save the idea for an anniversary of that date and think of something else she could make out of it. Oh, I wonder if my local Craft Warehouse or Michaels does anything like that.....?

Thanks so much for responding!

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I wish I had seen this before....I think it would be awesome to make it into an ornament...copy it, print it onto a transparency, and roll it up and stick it in a clear glass ball

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I would make a mixed media small collage with it.
But using a laser copy of it. I would look for an old favorite photo of both of you...and think of anything else related to that dinner...may be a song?
Your collage should definitely be framed. It would look wonderful sitting on his desk!

Good luck.


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