thanks Red

minnie_txDecember 13, 2005

I'm glad I was on your required list. I got your card and loved it. It was so clever how you printed it. Very professional and loved the wire reindeer. Should I ask if you made him too??

I think I got two other hand made cards. So much work goes into them and I appreciate them too.

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No, Minnie, I had to ask hubby to make all the wire reindeer for me... He bought a roll of wire at RadioShack, stripped off the coating, and then after making the first deer by hand, using needlenose pliers, he made a jig (piece of wood with oodles of tiny nails) to make the others. It made his fingers very sore forming each one, so he could make only a few at a time.

But I did the rest... the heart is shrinkydink stuff. Had to use the old math tools to figure what size the original had to be to make the finished heart just the right size. And of course punching the correct size holes for the wire before shrinking them - LOL!

The wire is just beading wire... I left it long in case anyone wanted to hang the reindeer as an ornament.

The nose is just a piece of unbaked shrinkydink plastic with red sparkly dimensional paint.

Did it really survive the trip in the mail?? I was so afraid the nose would come apart... now tell me the truth - did the red nose come off, or did the wire break apart there?? (I've got a few more to make and send, and if it is breaking in the mail, I'll try to make it sturdier!)

Glad you liked it. You are the first to report back to me. I've got only 2 handmade cards from the KT exchange, your lovely embossed card and Heather's ornament.

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Everything in intact. The nose is still on and the heart etc. I'll hang it on the tree next year but want it to stay on the card for now.
DH did a wonderful job. I really thought the reindeer was store-bought.I just touched the wire and I can believe his hands were sore. That is hard stuff to bend.
Was Heather's the bottle cap? That was neat. I saw a package of them at H Lobby and wondered what they were used for.

If you have a nice mail clerk they can hand cancel them or put meter tape on the envelope but mine didn't show any wear.

When I put a card with embellishments on it I try and slide the card in so the bumpy part is at the bottom and not where the stamping machine might hit it.

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I forgot to mention tht I loved the way you put his "eye" on the card.

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Thanks for the report, Minnie. I was so worried the wire would come unglued. The two ends of the wire are between his red nose blobs.

No, I wasn't in the "bottlecap" group and didn't get one :~( I was group 2. I got the pretty gold paper ornament with very fine colored thread woven on it from Heather, in group 3.

I thought about trying to string a very fine black bead on beading wire for the eye, but was afraid it would get broken in the mail.

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