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BeadaDecember 28, 2003

Hi everyone! I know this isn't actually a "paper art", but it does have to do with rubber stamping, so this is the closest I could get! A friend of mine is having trouble with the tile coasters stamped with the Staz On ink. They are supposed to be permanent for non-pourous surfaces, but when the tiles get wet, the ink rubs right off. Does anyone know what she is doing wrong? She said she sprayed it with acryllic spray and even that made the ink run. I had wanted to make some of these for a craft show, but never got them finished. I was then hoping for next year's show, but now I'm nervous about it if the colors aren't going to stay on the tiles. What can she/we use to make them waterproof without smearing the image?


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I use an ink called ZimInk that gives a crisp perm image. I would think Staz On would be fine for the tile as many people use that for stamping on dominos and it's a semi slick surface. One thing she might try....stamp the image on beige tissue paper (can do many at a time) and tear out the image. Then use Mod Podge or Royal Coat or PPA and adhere the tissue to the tile...when dry it appears that the tissue is IN the tile surface especially if the tile is beige to begin with. There is a product made by Krylon called Workable Fixatif (spelled funny huh?).....Walmart carries it. It give a surface that separates many different applications. It would coat the surface so bleeding wouldn't happen. Several light coats would work.

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Thanks, Rosie! I'll pass the message on.

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