jenni_caNovember 24, 2007

Did any of you take advantage of Walmarts sale yesterday to buy the Cricut for $119?

They had the cartridges on sale too, for $40.

What a fun new toy!

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There has been a half hour commercial on my TV the last couple of days for this machine. Boy if I was really doing what I did 5 or 6 years ago in crafts I would buy one

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Just came across your post. I wanted to say that I got the cricut at walmart for the $119, I also go tthe Christmas Cheer cartridge. I love it. For Christmas my husband and kids got me the tool kit, markers, extra mats and extra blades.


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Recently my husband bought me the Cricut(Expression), plus 6 cartridges. The cartridges were on sale at Michael's for $40.00. It all came up to a little over $600.00. The very next day he want to Wal*Mart and found that he could have gotten the whole package for $100. less than at Michaels. We had already opened and used the package, so there was not reason to try to take it back. Just goes to show you that you must shop around.

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