Paper beads or other jewelry. Anybody do these?

yellowhairNovember 29, 2003

Just wondering. I want to try some.

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I've made some beautiful paper beads with pages from magazines. The shiney paper works well and the colors are just right, plenty to choose from. Cut the strips in narrow long triangles & wrap starting with the wide side wraping towards the narrow end. White glue on the end works fine. I usually use a tooth pick; gives you a nice sized hole to put your string or cording through.

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Hi Gramof3,

Thanks for the post, and I've been saving some of my old magazines for those great slick pages! So, what do you use to seal them with?

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Yes, I make beads from wallpaper, etc. Also, make collage jewelry from leftovers of crafting (feathers, beads, etc).
I also make leaf pins from paper. Get in touch and I'll share my instructions and patterns.

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