Preschool Creative ideas!! Anyone?

ranjanaNovember 7, 2006


I want to involve my active toddler in some creative activities to keep him occupied through out the day. He is my only child so he has only me as his play-mate inside the house!

Do also tell me about ideas that really worked like magic with your kids!!

I would also appreciate if you let me know about any websites that you are aware of on this topic.

ALL suggestions would be highly welcome.


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Check out kiddley.

They have a lot of really cute ideas for kids of various ages. (I don't even have kids and I steal some of their ideas)

Here is a link that might be useful: kiddley

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Thank you Craftfetish. It is a great site. I just couldn`t stop looking through once I started!
Does anyone know of any other great websites to keep kids involved happily indoors throughout winter?
All ideas are welcome.

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There was a great project with tissue and poster board on Doodle Do. Check it out! If you wet the paper (blue tissue) and ball it up, unwrinkle it, lay it on the board, it creates an "ocean". Loads of fun.

Also, my son absolutely love gluing things. He likes to use foam stamps brushed with glue and then using fine glitter and flour. We have tons of stamps and stamp blocks and he even made ornaments for his little toddler friends with his stamps and glue and decorative paper.

Here is a link that might be useful: Doodle Do

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