BM Homestead Green anyone use it??

sewwhatsnewFebruary 26, 2011

I have a knack for choosing colors that I wish I wouldn't have. The color that seems to match best with new quilt is BM Homestead Green. No mention of it on the internet so obviously it's not popular for some reason. Anyone try it??I have BM Wythe Blue as a second choice. Bathroom was already painted Pallidium and I didn't like the color because it wasn't really blue nor green, and felt like a nursery. So do I try another blueish green???

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Try not to put too much weight on which colors are currently mentioned online; BM has thousands of colors, which is probably why people like help in narrowing down their choices by going with a color they've heard of, but you still need to find what works for you in your own space. Also, you may be happier with a color that coordinates with your quilt rather than matching it exactly.

No other advice except to say that if you haven't already, you may want to post this in Home Decorating.

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I have tested six or seven sample pots on the wall of my recently renovated kitchen. The last coat, still wet, is Homestead Green and it is my choice. I hesitated because my paint store has a bath display in this color and it looked too blue for me. In my room, the color reads a grayish turquoise. I have tried several of the BM Historical colors and two from the color stories fan deck, but this one is perfect.

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there is someone on the Home decorating forum who painted their entire home in homestead green. It was really a beautiful color!

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