Christmas cards???

minnie_txNovember 6, 2004

Anyone making theirs this year?

I signed up for a card exchange on another board and am looking forward to making at least 20 extra this year.

Ideas are swirling around in my head. How about you??

I did buy a store card for Halloween to send. I'm hoping the Christmas cards will start me card crafting again.

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I'm planning to design my cards again this year. It will be my 4th year. But so far I haven't come up with a design. I always like to use something from my hometown in my design, and coming from a very small town makes it hard to come up with something different.

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I'm still going to try to, Minnie. I had planned to be in the KT exchange, too, but had to drop out.

I recently bought a book on making 3D images, and had visions (no pun intended!) of making my Christmas cards this way, and include the cardboard red/blue glasses to view them! What a hoot from the past that would be!!

I'm still collecting the gold paper from the large Hershey semisweet chocolate bars to line the inside of the Christmas envelopes - LOL!

MaryAnn - I remember your watertower Christmas card with Santa! You are really creative with your cards. Have you done one in front of your town's courthouse, or schoolhouse, or firehouse, or church, or co-op (feedstore), or drive-in hangout? How about the gas station where you fill up your bike? Do you have any historic markers nearby to use as a backdrop? Any big road signs that say 'X miles to Austin' or somewhere significant? As you can see, I'm trying to think of all the "big" places in a small town.

I'm looking forward to seeing what you gals come up with. Do hope you post them here!

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been working on making some christmas cards. here is a link to see them.

Here is a link that might be useful: some of the xmas cards i made

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