Need something to tuck in....

Mary_Ann_MDNovember 25, 2004


I am looking for something to make that I can tuck in with my Christmas cards. Please no bookmarks, I've done that before. I need something different. Mabye some kind of paper ornament etc. It has to be easy because I will need to make about 75 of them. TIA for any ideas.


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You can buy sheet magnet material (8-1/2" x 11") that can be used in computer printers. Make little motto signs on the magnetic stuff, then cut them into separate signs. You can probably get 15 from one sheet if you make them about 2-1/2" wide by 2" tall.

Or you can buy magnetic stuff already cut into business card size, ready to stick to the back of a business card. Just use a business-card layout to make your motto signs on cardstock, cut out, and stick to the magnets.

The sheet-magnet stuff is much thinner than the business-card magnets, so is lighter in weight. The heavier ones may cost you more in postage.

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I saw magnetic Christmas lights that you put on the outside of your car in a catalog the other day. Pretty cute. They looked to be about 3 inches tall. real cute. Could also go on the fridge.

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