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andrelaplume2February 18, 2011

I am curious. I won't get into the Behr vs everyone else debate (SW / BM etc etc). I used the paint on my walls and after 5 years am still quite happy.

HOWEVER, I painted my ceilings and they look like crap. I always figured painting ceiling required more skill and thats why mine looked so bad...I LACK THE SKILL.

After reading stuff here about ceiling paints lately I am not so sure. I am now wondering if the paint I used could be the culprit. To be honest I do not recall what I used...might have been Behr ceiling paint though I thought I remember it going on pink and I do not think behr does or did that back then.

What I notice when I look up...well, it looks smudgy in some areas. My biggest complaint though is everywhere the drywall was taped you can see all the feathering. YES I used a flat paint. Could the mudder's just have done that poor a job 20 years ago or does some brands of paint hide that better than others---even when flat. I can try to post a picture tonight...if anyone thiks that would help?

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Hi AP!

Yeah, a pic may help....IF you can catch the angles/overall lighting decent.

Seemingly odd questions here...
* Do you remember how large an area you covered per roller-load? Many people push paint WAAAAaaayy too thin.
* Was your ceiling-job the INITIAL painting after the first spray-up?
* Smooth ceiling or popcorn?

I'm sooooo happy with the job a painter did on our vaulted ceiling (popcorn)!
(I knew of their work...)
Used our C2 LOVO ceiling-paint, L8150.
(We didn't have to pay for it...the roofer did! I would've done it otherwise....)

I watched his flawless technique...
>> Fully-loaded Wooster Super-fab 1/2".
>> He unloaded at a slight diagonal line, starting about 1.5' away from wet areas, angling toward the wet area with a 4' stroke.
>> Then he filled-in the unpainted "triangles" with a couple more 4' strokes.
>> Each imaginary 4'x2' rectangle was done like this.

Our ceiling is flawless with this technique and paint.


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