What Happened?

Gramof3October 9, 2003

This site is fizzling! But why? Paper arts is HUGE right now... where is eveyone? Does someone know something I don"t know? The folks on this site have been so helpful to me, I hate to lose contact with such talented people. What can we all do to get it crankin' again?

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I agree and BOY, do we miss Taunia and Lia or what? they were so inspirational and giving with their ideas. I still wonder where they went and why.

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I'm here. Thanks for asking. Hugs, Taunia.

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Hello! I *have* been away a long time (thanks gramcraft!) but I'm hardly doing any paper crafts these days. :-( My stash of things actually make me crazy 'cause I cannot seem to get them into a sensible, organized storage system. Out of sight, out of mind, you know... In fact, I've been in a kind of creative slump for a while. Would love to get re-inspired in the new year.
Happy holidays, all!

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