help with kitchen!!!

sandsh01February 25, 2013

We moved in last year to our new home. Everything was kind of a rush rush thing. I love my tan granite countertops but I was in a rush to pick out the floor. I need some suggestions to help my kitchen look better and more "color coordinated. We havent put the backsplash in yet and I hate the paint color. HELP !!!

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I think your flooring is nice and leaves lots of options. Your granite looks black in this picture, any close up pics? What is your style? What do the adjoining rooms look like? And, I'm sure some will want to know if you are open to painting your cabinets.

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My granite is tan brown and I am open to painting cabinets. I was thinking white but not sure. I like French, contemporary style it's very open and bright in the area. Any suggestions would welcome!

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Dining area all connected very open floor plan

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I am so not an expert but the first thing I notice is the pinkish tones in your kitchen/dining room paint color. Does that carry into your living room carpet/sofa/curtains? In my opinion the pink and the yellow/orange of your cabinets fight with each other. Does the kitchen/dining room floor have noticable undertones? If you like the pinker undertones and/or it would be too hard to change eerything else, I would paint the cabinets to get rid of the yellow/orange. I would probably choose a white to match your trim color. If your tile has an orange/yellow undertone you may want to try changing the wall color to somethig more neutral and see how that looks with the floor/cabinets. I know many people on GW have painted their cabinets and done a fine job but it does look like a lot of work! I think you could get a french country look taking either approach. I have no affiniation with her but Maria Killam's web site/blog has helped me a lot choosing colors for the home:

You have great light and windows. I'm sure you can make your's a kitchen you enjoy.

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