Pear Book

lorraine303October 22, 2003

I made this little book from an artificial pear that I cut in half. Added hinge in the back and clasp in the front - foiled the outside and added silver trim and charms. It was a gift for a 25th anniversary and inside was a little booklet with pics, quotes about pairs, the lyrics to their wedding song. It made a great little remembrance.

Here is a link that might be useful: pear book

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Lorraine - I love your pear book! It is very original and so creative! What material was the pear made of... was it some sort of solid? If not, how did you keep the pages from 'sinking' inside the pear shape?

That is a present I'm sure the lucky couple will treasure forever. How lucky for them that you are their dear friend!

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Thank you Red Confetti - the inside is styrofoam. There was actually a small square of some sort of metal inside that I'm pretty sure was only used to weigh the pear down. After carefully cutting around it (I did use my DH's bandsaw for this one, but used a craft knife for another, it just takes a long time) I removed the metal piece and just used some glue to fill in the space, letting it dry completely. The inside of the halves I covered with some embossed silver foil, so the texture of the foil hides any texture that remained from the styrofoam. Before I glued the foil on however, the booklet was secured behind it.

I can't take credit for it being a totally original idea though, I saw a similar idea made into a recipe book with pear recipes inside somewhere. The pair/pear thing was what I was going for.

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I love that! I remember seeing something similar in a magazine; it was an accordion book if I remember... I've always wanted to try it. Great idea with the "pair" theme, and I love the silver. I'll bet it's really treasured by the couple!

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