I Need a Really Clear Dimensional...

Red_ConfettiSeptember 5, 2004

something - glue, paint, whatever - to make fake raindrops on cards. I can't begin to tell you how many tubes, bottles, etc. of paints, glues and so on I have bought, each touting that it is dimensional and 'clear' only to try it and find it is actually just opaque, or semi-transparent. Or that it wasn't dimensional... it puddled as it dried, or never stood up in the first place.

And I really don't want somethinng with shimmer or glitter in it. I would really like a very clear - like water! - dimensional something. With a "one drop" application. I don't want to have to apply layer after layer to get the dimensional effect.

I know I can buy that stuff that is in two parts that they cover clocks, tables, etc. with. But I'd like something that I can use drop by drop!

Does anyone know of a good product that meets my requirements? I have seen advertisements for the FolkArt Papier Glass Finish (clear) #1777 - has anyone tried this? Is it really dimensional?

Thanks for any suggestions. Obviously I need all the help I can get!

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Hi Red, that's what I was looking for... for the dew drops on clay flowers. I asked your question at Michael's and the answer was hot glue. The guy in the flower arranging section put a few tiny drops on a maple leaf and sure enough... they looked just like shiny, clear, water droplets.

There's a product called 3D Crystal lacquer. I haven't used it but the ad says it dries crystal clear. I haven't been able to find it at my local craft stores. The applicator tip is very small so you could control the size of the drops. I'll paste the link to their website. If you find anything better... lemme know :)

Here is a link that might be useful: 3-D Crystal Lacquer

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Hmmm... I tried making hot glue drops... got lots of 'stringers' and the drops dried translucent, but not CLEAR. I really had difficulty making tiny drops that didn't follow the gun and string out. Wonder what kind of glue he was using so he got little drops, no stringers, and dried clear!

I looked at the link... looks promising, but will have to see if I can find that brand of stuff around here.

Thnaks, Candy! My list of 'possibles' lengthens.

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Results of lastest trip to Michaels...

Could not find the 3-D Crystal Lacquer.

DID find the FolkArt Papier Glass Finish stuff... the colored bottles were thick (non-runny looking), but the 'glass finish' bottle was very runny. I didn't think it would be dimensional like the colored bottles.

I found a third option, and "invested" about $4.50 in a 4 ounce bottle (couldn't find any smaller bottles) of Jones Tones Plexi Clear Glue. It is a stretchable glue, acid free, for fabric, leather, wood, paper, candles, and glass. Dries in 1 to 8 hours.

I put a few drops on a paper picture yesterday, and by this morning, the drops were clear and dimensional!! A little 'sticky' to the touch still, but that may go away. But maybe not.

Oh, boy... raindrops!! And tears, and dewdrops. And maybe windowpanes (glue says it can be brushed on). And water in birdbaths... hmmm - maybe it is good that I got the large bottle after all!

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Update... I (by mistake) put some other papers on top of the Jones Tones drops after they had dried about 24 hours... discovered what I had done a few hours later and looked at the 'drops.' They had flattened out, and were no longer clear! Argh! Guess this might happen when I mailed a greeting card with those drops on it... not the results I am looking for.

Am trying another round of tests today...
Jones Tones again (will let them cure even longer)
Pokemon Washable Clear Glue
Duco Cement (in the green and yellow tube)

Watch this spot for results later!

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I wonder if you could try clear Silicone glue. It comes in a tube. We used to use it for layering 3-D Cards and pictures. You can find it in the hardware dept. Make sure it is clear. You can always use the stuff for things around the house if it doesn't work the way you want it.
We would squeeze a small blob on the picture and then gently place the next layer on top. that made about a 1/4 inch lift to the card.

I know I read somewhere how to make those drops but can't find the instructions.

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Just now reading these posts........Plaid makes a Dimensional Magic medium. I use it to put a heavy gloss surface on my dominos. It's great for a tear or a dewdrop on a rose. Neat stuff.


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I've used the Plaid Dimensional Magic on an Easter card. I covered the cut out image of an Easter rag bunny doll and it looked like it was under glass almost. I don't know how a tear/rain drop would be. Doesn't show up too good in the photo

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I finally found the (almost!) perfect solution to my problem... I bought some bags of little things called "crystal 5mm acrylic faceted stones," as well as some that are rounded (instead of faceted) and some that are "aurora borealis" instead of plain crystal - LOL! They are flat on the back so I can just glue them wherever I want them.

A real cop-out solution, but it works for me! They look just like dewdrops, raindrops, tears, etc. And they definitely don't smush down when I mail them, nor do they stick to facing pages of the cards.

(The ones I bought are brand-named The Beadery, and I found them at Hobby Lobby. I've also seen them in the crafts section of WalMart.)

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Have you tried liquid illusion clear setting resin or wonder water?

Here is a link that might be useful: Silk Plant Supplies

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The solution (no pun intended) was a product called "3D Crystal Lacquer" sent to me by a friend in California (Thanks, Jenni!!). It worked great... can be used drop-by-drop, and built up to whatever thickness I needed.

Here's a link to one of many web advertisements for it, so you folks can see what it looks like in craft stores...

Here is a link that might be useful: 3D Crystal Lacquer

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