Gossamer Blue not blue - what to do

kps92February 18, 2009

Hi everyone. We just painted my son's room (unfortunately we were pressed for time so didn't plan thoroughly). We were looking for a blue that would be appropriate for a 9 year old. Not much light in his room so we stuck with lighter colors. BM Gossamer Blue looked perfect on the chip and in artificial light, it appears blue, but in natural light it is green. Now, looking at the formula on the can, I see there is no blue in it.

We've already painted his room two coats. We used one can and have an entire can left over. Is it possible have Ace HW mix some blue in the unused can to make it appear blue in natural light? I'd hate to waste this can of paint. Or perhaps we should stick with it as is and use lots of navy blue accents in the room. Would that make it appear more blue???

Thanks for your help!!!

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I have Gossamer blue in my powder room. It looks blue to me at all times,although I do not have a window in that room. Paladian Blue, however does appear green at times. Are you sure they mixed it correctly. I would go back and have them check it out. Did you buy BM paint or did you have another brand mix the Gossamer Blue?

I know I bought a paint sample of a BM color at SW and it was mixed totally wrong. I'd go check that first.

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